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"Alan!"Adriane shot up, accedently flying into the air, and when she landed herself she rushed to her backpack and got out the hospital bandades from her emergancy kit.

"This should do the job."Adriane said.

Adriane walked to Alan and carefully placed the bandages on his head, kind of loosely where it wouldn't hurt so bad when he took it off.

"My mom was a nurse for a short time so she always made me put a emergancy kit in my bag."Adriane said.

When she was done she stepped back, sighing.

"I hope he's ok. He's quite unlucky."Adriane said.

When Latios said 'Lance' Adriane winced, half wimpering. She remembered Lance. He was one of the original Legendary Rebel kids. She wouldn't let the 'newbies' get killed, not without a fight. She wouldn't let any of them, she'd sacrafice herself before that'd happen to any of them. She sighed. Then she remember Gad's question.

"Oh, its one of Mew's powers. Mew and I share powers. Wait a second, Uxie...have you not given the part of your powers that your suppost to?"Adriane asked.

"Jeesh. I bet none of the newbie's legendaries have."Mew said.

Adriane facepalmed. "Thats also the reason I can fly."Adriane said.

Mew handed Adriane the pan with the bacon in it. She took a bite. "Perfect."

Gad seemed like he wanted some before this happened, so she handed him a few peices. "If you want more just ask."

Adriane nibbled on a piece after sitting down the pan. She stared at Alan. "Please let him wake up..."

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