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Quote originally posted by Wymsical:
@Nikizumi, err, Nakuzimi, err, Nakizamu, err, Nikazumi, err, I GIVE UP!
*Sigh* Okay . . . pronunciation-wise . . . kinda like this: Nah - coo - zah - me
Gawd, Skymin got it on her first try in the little introductory video she posted in UNDERGROUND: The Kanto Chronicles. :P

@Supervegeta - Goin' to Italy, are we? . . . I haven't been out of the US at all, unless you count a little school field trip in like the fourth grade to Canada. Forget going out of the US, I've only been out of NY state like twice, not including the little field trip I just mentioned. And even more than that, I don't go very far in NY State either. I've never been to NYC or any place. I'm not one to travel much, which is why it sucks when there's some huge event or anything *cough*PokemonMovie14*cough* and I can't go to it. :(

I'll attempt a post soon. If not today, it'll likely be tomorrow. I'll try for today, though. :3
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