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Originally Posted by SLUGSTER109 View Post
Alright can someone help me if theres anyone still here? after i get to the resistance HQ, im taken to the necropolis, where steven, meteor, and some other guy go into a cave and tell me its safe to follow- i follow them into the cave, then it leaves me in a room that sort of looks like the inside of the Sky Pillar, the sign says "top left- leads to whereever... and stuff like that, but theres nowhere to go. theres 4 huge holes in the ground and 4 rocks. but i cant work out what to do =[ ive been here a while now =[ its a shame because this is a brilliant hack so far, one or two glitches, but this is the first major one ive found. Appreciate any help please
Try leaving the room, going back in, walking in between the rocks on the lower left hole, and pressing A/Z while facing the hole. It worked for me.
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