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I hope you don't mind me making a second character then.....

Name: Nathaniel Excifer

Age: 25

Pokemon species: Gallade

Gender: Male

Job: Lumberjack

Appearance: Nathaniel is a rather emotionless guy. He doesn't show emotion, and doesn't change expressions unless their emotions really hit him hard. He looks like any other Gallade, yet has a rather small teal-colored head crest. Reaching five feet in height and having wide feet, his spikes on the side of his face are larger than normal for a Gallade. Instead of having a spike between the white and green boundaries of his colored body, it's a simple straight line just above his torso. He has a scar running vertically over his eye, clearly visible on his eyelid. The scar stretches all the way from the edge of the helmet over his eye, and runs straight down to stop at his cheek. He has a muscular body, not really as skinny as his kind is.

Personality: Nathaniel is a very quiet, obedient, loyal guy. He's very honest and doesn't hesitate to jump in to save the day. He's an introvert however, preffering to spend time alone, quiet and quite reflective. He likes to think and ponder, always thinking before he speaks his mind out. Rather than listening to his guts, he believes and learns using his five senses. He won't believe unless he sees it, so mythology and rumors are useless to him. He has a hard time believing in something that cannot me seen. Nathaniel usually uses common sense, and likes concrete, detailed facts. To him, work is his passion. Rarely gets bored, and rarely socializes unless spoken to.

However, his decisions are mostly based on logic. When it comes to this, he may not take other's feelings into consideration unless they are loved ones, and doesn't base his decisions on emotions unless they truly take over him, such as love or hatred. Others see him as lacking compassion due to this, yet in reality he just sees decisions based on emotions very reckless. He can easily see the flaws of others, and only helps those who have helped him. Nathaniel is a very orderly, organizational Gallade, able to stick to his goals and never veer off his path unless the moment asks for it. To him, work is more important than playing. He is careful about what he has and is an earlybird.

His hobbies vary. Nathaniel's main hobbies are playing using his elbows as swords, running, sketching, and sky viewing. He tends to be lazy and sit most of his time when out of work, looking at either the clouds or the stars. A very artistic drawer, he also cuts up dead trees to make sculptures of art. This may also be with rocks, ice, or anything of the sort. Nathaniel is very intelligent, relying on his terrain and observations much of the time. When it comes to friends, he's very connected to them and finds it a very delicate matter. Once he has one, which is hard to get, he cherishes them and had complete, utter loyalty to them. To him, true friends are rare, and possibly impossible. To them, he reveals everything about anything, and is a very docile person towards them and nobody else.

History: He was born into a very rich family, also hardworking. His father had a high position as one who controls Lumberjacks at what to cut and such, being the main boss. As a male, he was passed down the job as a Lumberjack as part of his famly's culture eversince he turned 10. Before this, he was rather spoiled and lonely, having no siblings or friends. His mother died at a young age, only being 5 years old. He wanted to make his mother proud, thus going to school and exceling in his studies by a huge amount. Finally, when he turned 10, he started to work as a Lumberjack and got out of school to devote his time as one. By this time period, he was a male Kirlia. Other Lumberjacks noticed how he was having trouble as a Lumberjack, since he was a pure psychic at the time. His father told him to give up and find a better job that suits his intelligence and species type.

Being obedient and listening to his father, he decided to be a waiter as a local restaurant. At first, he enjoyed the job since he started to make acquaintances, yet started to yearn for his familie's tradition of passing down jobs. He moved it aside since he knew it was impossible for a psychic to do labor, and thus changed to being a scientist. Everything went well until he evolved into a Gallade at the age of 18, the peak age of his young adulthood. His father saw this as an opportunity and taught him to fight to defend himself. After a year, Nathaniel started to Lumberjack once more. At last, he was able to excel thanks to his elbows that cut like swords. When he turned 23, his father retired and was old of age, being 57. Nathaniel kept his job, yet still used his intelligence for simple mind games like Sudoku, Checkers, and other such games.

Moves: Leaf Blade, Teleport, Confusion, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, and Sword Dance.

RP Sample: You got my entry already, so you know what I'm made of....unless you want another RP sample.
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