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Snivy + Bulbasaur = Snulbasaur <3

You know that when Ash returns home Snivy and Bulbasaur are gonna be there chilling with Bulbasaur going "Yeah, I own this place. Charizard thinks he's hard but he's off training coz he's week you get me. Shame I'm always having to look after everyone, I'm always babysitting."

That's where Snivy realises they have something in common and is like "Sames. Oshawott thought he was all that but couldn't do jack and was scared of opening his eyes in water the idiot. And I was always babysitting Axew and Scraggy when they ran off. I ran things in Unova."

And then that's where Bulbasaur realises that they're perfrect for each other so picks Snivy up using Vine Whip and spins round with her and runs off with her for some fun, then Heracross tries to follow so Snivy's uses Leaf Storm to blow him away before using Attract on Bulbasaur to confirm the deal and they live happily ever after.

You know this is a real thing.....
Snulbasaur <3