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Forest near Torturehouse

As Zane retreated back into the security of the forest, Sword and Shield did the rest. The Snorlax gathered up his strength and released a massive Earthquake on the Ancients closing in. All they could do was stand in place as the attack quickly eradicated them. The fissures were indeed powerful, and Zane marveled at the strength of the Snorlax. But, that was to be expected. He was a Gold Tribe member, after all. He then finished off another batch with a geyser of Surf.

Quite a bit were taken out, but they were nowhere near done. Defender struck at a few more with water pulse, and the two changed positions once more. It was time for Zane to assume the bait role once more.

As he went out, though, he noticed something. More than half of the outside-patrolling Ancients were coming this way. Zane muttered something silently under his breath. The plan would have been more successful if pockets of the Ancients came at a time. But now, a good two hundred or so were on approach, ready to weed out the three of them. This would relieve pressure from Calamity to sneak in much easier, but it meant that the three of them were in a bind. With nowhere left to hide, Zane hid back into the forest as the Ancients started pouring in. Zane thought of what to do. He could try sneaking passed them here, but there would be no way to fight off the out two hundred or so next to the torturehouse, not to mention the others inside. In the end, if would probably be better to have them hide in the forest, and slowing start picking them off, but will they be able to hide effectively? Defender might not have that much of a problem, but Sword and Shield and Zane would.

With nowhere else to turn, and options running out, Zane broke the cover of a thicket and rammed right into a group of Ancients. From a distance, he saw Defender hiding not to far out. He silently motioned him on.

"Go help Calmity free the others! Sword and Shield and I will cover you!" He said, as he used a Thunder Wave at an Omastar.

There was no way Shield and Sword and Zane could effectively sneak in, so it was up to Defender and Calamity now to sneak in and save the others.

"Good luck." He said softly to Defender, who by now probably couldn't hear him.

The sound of the fighting of the forest drew scores of Ancients towards Sword and Shield's and Zane location. Zane nodded to the Snorlax, ready to take them head on.

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