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Krystal walked throgh empty streets in Silver City. She'd had a pokemon teleport her there shortly after the incident in her volcano. The absol had lost control, and apparently Shadow, her former second in command, was not able to use mind control as well as he said he could. The absol had turned on her. It had been gradual, he would take an extra second or so before following instructions, but it got to the point of himtrying to find ways around the task he was given. Eventually the mind control snapped and the absol was in full control again. Krystal had killed him herself. Just a failed experiment in her eyes. Who knows, she might try again some other time.

A piece of paper fluttered in the wind, an old newspaper informing about the invading Silver Tribe. Krystal smilled. Gold Tribe was weak, they were not ruling their territory as they should have been. No, they allowed others to take power, the oh so noble pokemon. But Silver Tribe had beaten them in their weakness, and thus the rein of the golden pokemon ended, and a new age of government was ushered in. The paper continued to blow sideways across the street and into an alley, out of sight. Krystal continued onwards. She was supposed to be at the meeting of the Sentinels and Auron. If it had just been a meeting of Sentinels, Krystal probobly would not have gone, but with Auron.... Auron had given her the power she held, sho Krystal saw herself in debt to Auron and only Auron. She did not care much for the other Sentinels. They did not care much for her either. In fact, most of the Sentinels didn't like each other for one reason or another. Some found friendship in each other, but all were resented in the council by one or another. Even Auron did not have all supporters in his Sentinels, although whether he knew that or not, Krystal didn't know.

As she approached the citadel, the two guards at the gate stood to attention, saluted, then quickly opened the gate. Krystal paid them no mind. They were minions, drones, and heavily replacable. Everything was replacable in Krystal's eyes. Men could be replaced, cities could be repaired. Only the leaders were not replacable. Knowledge was not replacable. The archways were decorated with the Silver Tribe insignia. That was the one thing that she respected with the Sentinels, their leadership. Each one woulnd't be there unless they could command and had a drive for power, and Krystal was no exception.

The huge doors that led to the throne room opened with old damagesd hinges, creakiung open, as Krystal made her way through them into the throne room. She was supprised to see that most of the other sentinels were already there, save one. The walked to her seat, and then took a look around at the Sentinels gathered. Her eyes locked with Frost's for a moment, then both looked away. Neither liked each other, but last time there was fighting at a meeting of Sentinels......well, Auron wasn't happy. Most of the others Krystal did not care for, but the typhlosion, "The Inferno", she respected him. He had incredible power, and knew how to use it, and Krystal respected that.

Krystal's mind wandered as they waited for the last Sentinel to arrive.
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