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O.k... but if you want longer, I might not do this every week...

I looked around. A Sentret scurried through the brush. "How am I supposed to get to Viridian if I can't find it!?" I asked aloud. "The same way I'm supposed to, I guess." I whipped around. "Who said that?" A girl emerged out of the trees. "Hi. My name's Gretel. I'm a pokemon trainer like you." Gretel had brown hair and a short blue dress on. "I'm as lost as you are." she said. "Well, you said you were a pokemon trainer, so let's battle!" "Sure. I have nothing better to do. I'll go first. GO, Phanpy!" "Phanpy Phan!" I knew Abra would have a good time with Phanpy, so I sent him out. "Phanpy, use take down!" "Teleport, Abra!" Abra disappeared before Phanpy came close. Wow that was fast, said Gretel.

Meanwhile, in a bush a few feet away: Hmma fabulous Phanpy and a awesome Abra, said a girl. Yes, the boss would be most pleased, said a boy, especially since the pickings have been slim lately. So the plan is, after they get tired from battling, we reach out and steal them, right? Excellent.

Both Abra and Phanpy panted. We can win this, Phanpy, use take down! Use Kinesis! The two attacks met and both of the pokemon were on the ground. Dust from the attacks covered the sight of them wait, thats too much dust! Cough coughwhats going on? I asked. When the dust cleared, both Abra and Phanpy were missing. Where did they go? asked Gretel. I dont know. Look there are footprintshuman onesin the dust! Lets follow them! Right. The footprints led to a clearing where two people in black clothing were near a cage with several pokemon, including Abra, in it. Who are you? I demanded.

Drat, they found us! said the boy. Oh well, said the girl, lets tell the boy what he wants.

To protect the world from all invasion
To unite all the people within any nation
To announce the badness in truth and love
To extend our reach into space above
Team Rocket! We blast off faster than light!
If you dont surrender, youre in for a fight!

I giggled. Your name is Earp? What a loser!
HEY! I suppose yours is better?
Its Cole, Wyatt & Earp laughed AND thats my Abra!
Well, its ours now, said Wyatt, and Earp added, and dont be thinking you can steal it back! Cyndaquil, Go! Earps Cyndaquil joined the Mareep. Gretel said, Dont worry Cole, Ill take them on. GO, Sandshrew! Shrew. Mareep use thundershock! said Wyatt. Sandshrew was not even bothered by the attack. Gretel said, Ground-types arent affected arent affected by electricity. You should know that. Sandshrew, EARTHQUAKE! This K.O.ed both of Team Rockets pokemon. I was very impressed. However, Team Rocket grabbed the cage with our pokemon, and fled into a large basket and put up a large Mareep-shaped balloon. You cant get us, taunted Earp. Thats what you think, go Spearow! I yelled. Get that cage! Spearow flew up and grabbed the cage with Abra and Phanpy in it, then put it in Gretels hands. Now, destroy that balloon! Peck! Spearow then flew up to the balloon and busted a hole in the balloon. As the balloon went out of sight, the two Rockets said, Well be back

Great, I said. Were still lost. Gretel said, Why dont you use Spearow to look for the city? Great idea! I sent Spearow up into the air. He showed us which way to go, and we set off.

I wont update until Christmas break is over, so sorry review.
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