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In the modern world, it is common to see terrorism, murder, drug abuse, domestic violence, suicide, and all sorts of other unpleasant things discussed in everyday life. And yet, sex, a perfectly natural thing, does not show up nearly as often as any of those in public conversation.

I know you went to a weird school, but damnnnn

I don't understand why people say it is taboo... sex is everywhere. Throughout the media, advertising, there's a sex shop in the local shopping center right next to where people buy their groceries, porn is sold in gas stations, and conversation as well although I suppose that's more determined by who you talk to. If anything it's nearly impossible to get away from the idea of sex. We're discussing sex right now on a Pokemon forum.

Taboo in the sense some people don't like talking about it, yes, but that's on more of a personal level rather than a reflection of society as a whole. The vast majority of people I've known since about the age of 7 haven't been uncomfortable with it, and I'm pretty sure most people in general (or at least teenagers & young adults) aren't uncomfortable discussing it.