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8192 Icefall Cave encounters. I've been dual hunting the Johto starters because it's too difficult to count two different hunts that have different timings, and since I'm not counting my Johto starters, it's easy to dual hunt them.

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:

Club ownership has been transferred to G-Money due to the previous owner's inactivity; please feel free to message me any questions regarding this and enjoy the new ownership!

Thank you!! The first post has been updated with the current contest.

Quote originally posted by Lake of Retro:
No offense but was that photo taken with a toaster?

I kid I kid! Grats man, getting it on the 1000th encounter!? Maybe that's good luck from here on! Let me cut in front of the line though.

I hope so! I was shocked to find it on exactly #1000, haha.

And yes, I did take it with a toaster. I ended up eating the potato that I normally use to take pictures during Thanksgiving dinner, so I had to use my toaster to take that photo.

Quote originally posted by Lake of Retro:

Dude! Did you take that with a camera!? Congrats on the shiny!! I guess you did get in the express line! You figured out its secret! To anyone else who wants to know the secret:

The express line is the third generation!! Encounters go much more quickly in 3rd gen games, and with dual hunting it's possible to do 400 encounters per hour. :cer_love: R/S/FR/LG *continues hunting in Icefall Cave in LG*

Quote originally posted by DACALSTA:
hello i wish to join the club plz

Welcome to the club! Congrats on your shinies - I don't know that many people who have a shiny Venonat. I'd say it's one of the rarer shinies.

Good luck on your Charmander hunt!

Quote originally posted by Kat10089:
Hello :3 I just searched all over the internet for a Shiny Hunters club and basicly just signed up for a account on this Website cause I saw this.

Welcome to the SHC! 800 in a day is an awesome pace. It's hard to do a lot of encounters at the beginning - I remember my first hunt felt like it took forever. Just keep hunting! When you finally get your shiny, you'll be glad you did. :cer_wink:

Quote originally posted by It's Just Fufu:
This Winter Break is looking up for me in terms of free time, however, so hopefully, I'll be able to find at least one shiny soon.

Good luck on your college apps and basketball, Fufu! Hopefully you'll have enough time to get a shiny...or 5.

Quote originally posted by Shiny Celebi:
I need a break

Alright, Shiny Celebi. Enjoy playing White and have a nice vacation! *teleports Shiny Celebi to Caribbean island*

Quote originally posted by Kat10089:
Can someone help me with this? I've lost 2 Shiny's in the Safari Zone but my mind keeps telling me ill never get a Shiny they have only appeared in the Safari Zone for me and I lost both of them. :/

Quote originally posted by MrKyurem:
I've lost half of the shinys I've seen, though. Stupid Safari Zone.

Quote originally posted by DarkBreloom:
A Shiny ryhorn appeard in the safari zone and got away


The Safari Zone is a shiny hunter's worst nightmare! I usually just go in there once at the beginning of the game, get one of every Pokemon for Dex purposes, and then leave and never come back! Enter at your own peril!

Path of the Ghost: 12/18
Path of the Starter: 10/18

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