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Originally Posted by Kimbo View Post
Hey WWB, in the list you've listed me with Graveller, Ponyta and Magnemite, am I cool to evolve them to their final stages (I can get Magnezone but I'm cool keeping to Magneton) I'm not fond of NFE's, just forgot to say No NFE's in my application
How dare you.

Yeah, sure go for it.

Originally Posted by bluezelda_alice View Post
Name: Kayle/Alice
Game: PBR/Diamond (my friend code is in my profile)
Number of Pokemon: 6 pokemon
Restrictions: No legendaries, and duplicated pokemon on 1 team
*Note: afterwards, if your willing to assist, in helping in making my team(s) better pls pm me.*
Assuming nfe pokemon are included, you get:
Snover, Cranidos, Houndoom, Glaceon, Monferno, and Purugly.