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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
At the root of it all, the act itself is not all that complex. I'm sorry to be crude here, but it's pretty much a case of "this goes in there. Repeat." In any event, it's not that difficult and it doesn't take a PhD to figure out how it works. I think I could have worked it out at a pretty young age.
There is so much more to "the act" than the act itself though. Aside from all the potential bad consequences (pregnancy, STIs) there are issues of comfort (without getting too detailed, there are some people whose bodies don't respond "in the expected ways" or at least as strongly) which can make it unpleasant or painful or even cause injury. Then there are issues that require more maturity than a mechanical knowledge provides. What if the person you're with starts becoming forceful? What if you start to feel uncomfortable in the middle of it? What if you make the mistake of thinking that only "no" means "no" and that a lack of response is a silent "yes"?

I'm not saying a 13 year old can't be mature enough, but they need to be taught a lot things beyond "what goes where."

Originally Posted by Vendak View Post
I don't understand why people say it is taboo... sex is everywhere. Throughout the media, advertising, there's a sex shop in the local shopping center right next to where people buy their groceries, porn is sold in gas stations, and conversation as well although I suppose that's more determined by who you talk to. If anything it's nearly impossible to get away from the idea of sex. We're discussing sex right now on a Pokemon forum.

Taboo in the sense some people don't like talking about it, yes, but that's on more of a personal level rather than a reflection of society as a whole. The vast majority of people I've known since about the age of 7 haven't been uncomfortable with it, and I'm pretty sure most people in general (or at least teenagers & young adults) aren't uncomfortable discussing it.
I think some of the problem is that we're talking about certain aspects of it and not others. Yeah, you can see a lot of young boys boasting about their exploits, but how many people would feel comfortable talking about feeling like someone took advantage of them? How often do boys get together and tell each other to remember to get consent before having sex? To use protection every time? To ask partners to get tested?

These aren't rhetorical questions, btw. I'm just saying that as much as sex is an open topic there are still big gaps in what's talked about.