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@Otherworld9): Hooray! I hope you can get a least some HD console soon. Sonic CD looks crystal clear on the big screen. :3

@assassinjay1229: I know! I even read an article where Sega was considering adding a new level and a new boss in the Sonic CD re-release. They decided not to because they didn't want to stray far from the original. BUT TAILS! <3 That's a good reason enough to buy it, despite me having access to Sonic CD on the Gamecube collection disc.

@SomariFeyWright: Welcome to the club! I like Tails a whole lot too! -pokes avatar- :D

@ChaosSonic: Welcome! I love your username. I wish I had it, haha. You have quite the variety of favorites. Good picks! I remember waking up early to watch Sonic X. I get the chili dog, grapes, and cucumber sandwiches references! -accepts free food- ^^
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