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Now that Giovanni's taken off (man, three fights and he STILL hasn't gotten much better) it's off to the Pokemon. After throwing down once more against Red (who STILL hasn't evolved his Growlithe or his new Rhyhorn - just like Giovanni) the path is clear to Victory Road.

Victory Road/Pokemon League

Not sure why this place is called a road since it's a cave, but... whatever. Also not sure why the Pokemon aren't all that stronger than elsewhere... Mt. Ember was actually a better place to train because the Pokemon who give good experience appear more often there. Anyway, the place is packed with some pretty decent trainers (none a match for me though) and a lot of rocks I have to shove onto switches using Strength. Well after that fun time, I finally arrive at the building that houses the Pokemon League. Time to get set to take the championship by storm!

First is Lorelei, who uses Ice-types. I actually think she's pretty cool (no pun intended) but as an opponent I still have to go all out against her.

Lisa vs. Lorelei


Next up after Lorelei is this really buff looking dude with no shirt and no shoes. Obviously he wouldn't be allowed in any store or restaurant dressed like that.

Lisa vs. Bruno


Now I come across who is perhaps the oldest trainer I've faced thus far. Agatha has a bit of a haunting vibe about her, somehow.

Lisa vs. Agatha


Now it's time for the caped wonder, the one they call Lance! Supposedly he's the last of the Elite Four, and his dragons could be tough... except that I'm packing Ice Beam

Lisa vs. Lance


So much for "virtually indestructible", huh? But I'm not done yet. And of course my old nemesis Red's made it here first. Of course, he's not spending time properly training his Pokemon, so I'm hardly surprised by this. Still, our region needs a far more respectable champion than this idiot, and I think I'm qualified for the job. Time to prove it by pounding him into the ground.

Lisa vs. Rival (Red)


Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Now Oak shows up (uninvited I might add), babbles a bit, then goes to put me and my team in the Hall of Fame.


Afterward I get some much needed rest at home, then head back to the islands to get a Network Machine working, assist Lorelei in kicking some poachers out of her home town, shut down the rogue remnants of Team Rocket, and just do some island exploring. Then it's back to the Elite Four to beat their stronger teams (I was around Lv71-72).

And that about does it. Hope you enjoyed my Let's Play of Pokemon Leaf Green!

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