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Forest near Torturehouse

Zane saw Defender nod towards him, and then quickly move off towards the torturehouse. As the Ancients enclosed on them both, he stood side by side with Sword and Shield as he spoke to him.

"So it returned to the original plan? Split-up?" he asked.

"It appears so, to no fault of ours, though." Zane replied as the Ancients closed in.

"I hope we know what we are doing."

"So do do I." Zane said softly, almost to himself. The Ancients were all around them now.

Zane started to move. He struck a Cranidos with a Night Slash, the attack ripping through his armored hide, and caused him to fall back. As to Kabutops charged at him from behind, he met their blows with his own powerful Iron Head. Zane could hear bones crack as he impacted with them. They were tough Pokemon, he was tougher. An Armaldo and a Cradily both attacked at Zane from the front. Using his superior mobility and agility, Zane jumped across their attacks, and struck at them both with Aerial Ace from above. The lightning quick attacks hit their mark, precisely. Both of the Pokemon fell back, but even more came. Zane fought them off, some individually, some one at a time as he flung different attacks towards their directions. Momentarily paralyzing an Omastar with a Thunder Wave, he moved in for the kill against two Bastiodons, who were charging at Zane now. Taking both down with a Night Slash, another attack hit him from behind, coming from an Archeops in the air. Zane struck another Thunder Wave at it, causing the Pokemon to fall close-by the downed Omastar. In unison, he attacked both of the down Pokemon with Iron Head. Panting a bit, Zane struck a stance, and only saw more coming. It was a seemingly endless wave of Ancients. If Defender and Calamity didn't free the others soon, Zane and Sword and Shield might not be able to withstand them all.


Silver City Throne Room

The figure of the last Sentinel arrived. He was a Mienshao, known only by his title "Scar". He was silent and quick as he made his way to his seat. The 8 Sentinels had gathered, awaiting the news from what to do.

Suddenly, the seemingly inanimate Auron appeared to awake, and speak. His voice was cold and seemingly...distant. It was as if when he spoke, he was there, but he was "there". It was a shadow of the former Auron, the once heralded Gold Tribe member.

"The 8 Sentinels....are gathered....your instructions...." He said, as he eyed them. "...Beserker, Scar and Ignitus will provide escort for the General and Gold Tribe members....being transferred here....make way to the torturehouse there quickly...I sense...something unpleasant occurring...." His voice trailed off. Beserker spoke loudly.

"As you command, Auron."

Without acknowledging Berserker, he continued to speak. "Noxious and have a task in Eternity City that requires attention...information will be given there..."

Noxious and Sentry bowed as they began to depart. Auron addressed the last group now.

"Frostbite, The Deciever, The Inferno...I have an important task for you..."

His voice was low, yet mysterious and still quite frightening as he relayed the plan to the three of them. Soon, the Sentinels slowly began to depart for their assigned tasks, as Auron sat on his throne. He neither spoke to them, nor gave any more parting words.

Eventually, the great throne room was empty once more, and only Auron remained, a Pokemon beyond that of natural strength and power. A being now, they say, no other Pokemon can kill. He sat alone, nobody or nothing to have in his company, except for a strange crystal on a necklace around his neck...

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