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You're a Golbat.

The last letter of your name is K, which is the third letter of "Hikari". Hikari is the Japanese name for the Pokemon coordinator Dawn, a word that is also a term used to describe the early morning, and the opposite of morning is night. Night is the second syllable of "Sirnight", which is the Japanese name for Gardevoir. These Pokemon are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to protect their trainer, who caught them in a Pokeball. Pokeballs were invented at around the same time that Voltorb were discovered. Voltorb are well-known for their high Speed stats and their ability to learn Explosion, a traight shared with Pineco. Pineco spend their days hanging in trees like Seedot. Seedot are modeled after acorns, which are seeds that grow into trees. Coincidently, Seedot's final evolved form, Shiftry, has a name whose final syllable sounds like "tree". However, unlike regular trees, Shiftry are able to travel at incredible speeds, similar to the Fire-type Pokemon Rapidash. In the Pokemon anime, a Rapidash competed in a race against a Dodrio, who have three heads. Three can be multiplied by two to produce six, and if you subtract two from six, then it will yield four. And one Pokemon that has four fangs in its mouth is...Golbat.
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