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Quote originally posted by X80relianthope:
its ood to see some of the older versions of pokemon still being loved by people.
Why's that ?
I think G/S/C are much better than the new generation games.
Mainly because they preserve the pokemon feeling introduced in Gen I (graphics for instance).
People who never played these first two generations, think probably same like you do.

It's not like I wouldn't like the newer gens too but they lack something the first ones have.

Quote originally posted by X80relianthope:
lol not much to say about tiles. its not like you can change g/c/s/ tiles anyway XD
Actually, changing the tiles is rather simple but I'm not an artist who could draw them. I may get graphical help later though.

Quote originally posted by Nuggz:
i love this hack already :o its funny when ur rival walks into u and explains the whole "ally follows you" thing lmao... that broke the 4th wall kinda but either way this is epic as hell ;D
Glad to hear you think the hack is epic :D
I wanted it to turn out like that too.

Anyway, the progress on this hack has stopped for a little while but I should get back to editing this sometime after Christmas already.
Meanwhile, another mini-project is going on which should appear in Sideshow Showcase later
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