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i can't even use my words right now. oh my god. i need this in my life.

march can't come soon enough.

i had to avoid this all day. D: (Or rather, had no choice but to because I was out at doctor's appointments and waiting around all day.) Only just now got some peace and quiet to myself so I could watch it. And I just... I... omg.

Trailer impressions in no particular order:
Wtf Lea! That was awesome! I was really hoping he'd be in it again, not because i particularly like him, but because I think it would have been really out of character for him to not try to jump worlds asap to find Sora and help with whatever he could.

Also, was Sora at that beach in the Darkness or was that just Destiny Islands at night time? DDDD: I will be so sad if it was the World of Darkness and he missed Aqua by that much again.

TWEWY! guys i will die a million deaths of joy if Pi-Face is in this. Even if he's not... TWEWY! ♥♥♥

oh god tron world with riku. do not want.

The battle system looks weird. There's no separate attack button anymore? :s Looks like you use the same button to use commands from your deck AND to attack. I think? Unless you can only have 3 things in your deck and X/Y are to use the other two commands? But that doesn't make sense, they're more likely scroll buttons. Lmao what the hell are the controls?

._. lol the only movie I've actually seen that's represented in the game so far is Pinocchio.

march march march march march march march. i can't wait to import this.