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Quote originally posted by Exzessiva:
What was the first anime you watched?
* Tom and Jerry, Justice League and Popeye the Sailor man. That time I was a toddler I guess. xD
I don't think these are animes.

Quote originally posted by Eeveemaster9:
What was the first anime you watched, knowing that it was anime?
-----Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (When The Cicadas Cry), actually. I was looking up Pokemon stuff, and I happened upon a Mystery-Dungeon themed "Nageki no Mori" and in the related videos, was the original from Higurashi. The first season was extremely confusing for me because of the 'arcs' and myself being about eleven watching this gore and blood. Derp.
Damn, with eleven? Well, I played DOOM2 with nine, but there were monsters and everything was pixeled. Watching this thrilling Anime with good quality, whua…

Quote originally posted by Chairman Kaga:
1. What was the first anime you watched?
Probably either Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken or Fushigi na Koala Blinky. These aired in the late 80s/early 90s on Nick Jr. dubbed as Maya the Bee and The Noozles respectively and I watched them regularly as a preschooler.
Wow, for a moment I thought Blinky Bill would be Anime, too…

Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
  1. What was the first anime you watched?
  2. What was the first anime you watched, knowing that it was anime?
  3. What was the first anime you watched with subs?
(taken from the original 'Your First Anime?' thread by Lightning.)
Well, for 1. it may be Maja, but I do not really consider this as anime. About the same time, there was (probably) Cat's Eye. It was so long ago I didn't recalled a thing besides one or two images until someone helped me remembering it some years ago.
2. Pokémon, but without knowing the proper term is "Anime". I had this magazine where it said Pokémon comes from Japan, so, that would be it.
3. Should be Love Hina, even if Naruto should be second two this. Was years before it came out in Germany, I watched with english dubs, too. The first English words I learned by watching dubs were probably hug and dare, because they appeared so often in Love Hina I simply had to look them up.

Quote originally posted by matu:
2. I guess Naruto, when it started on Jetix. (Yes, we don't have 4Kids in Europe)
Thank god for this. And Jetix is cool.
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