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Quote orignally posted by Darthatron:
Here's what I'm workng on now. Fo FireRed. Will port ta othar gbees... Maybe.

Knd of just tha (metaphorical) icng on tha (metaphorical) cake that we've already buggine. Lettng thugz see what is Physical/Special/Status.
On mah Ruby spheal/project thng, I was thnkng of modifyng tha fourth page on tha summary ta detail tha physical/special ndicatars rathar than Contest nfo (thus effectively breakng Pokemon Contests n tha process), but snce you said you might port ta othar versions I'm not sure if I want ta follow through on that.

EDIT: Dis is what I meant:

^If I did dis, than Pokemon Contests will become broken.
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