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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Name: AlexOzzyCake
Starter Pokémon: Piplup the Piplup, I'll stick with one for now <3
Why would you like to join the club?: Because I stalk you. Because when playing the games your starter Pokemon are the Pokemon that you come into contact with most, they're the ones that help you through it, you can always rely on them and learn to love them - plus they're all so cute! <3
Welcome to the club, AlexOzzyCake! Nice to meet ya, huh? You know, I have always loved Piplup. I think you'll want to hug them all the time... Ahahahahaha!

Also, I fixed a bit of the rules, so I hope that it's all right now. The last one had loopholes.
Hey, it's Twiggy here. Or Twiggy, if you prefer. I like Servine and Noivern a lot. I'm paired with Kip. I like Katy Perry. I want a Chespin plushie. Also, I'm a total PC geek.