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AN - As usual, thank you all for the reviews and readers. With winter break here I'm hoping to get out a few quick updates. This one was hard to write, and the believability of the situation might be hard, but hopefully I can make these scenes more realistic in the future. And omg is that a chapter title?!

Psychic Interrogations

Pokemon battles are a brutal thing. It doesn't take a hardened trainer to realize that. Your first day of being a trainer is perhaps the worst. New trainers always go out with such expectations, believing their pokemon – their starter, brother, friend – would be unstoppable.

When the time finally came, and a tough opponent has finally appeared, the mental onslaught can change even the toughest of trainers, but they don't have to deal with the aftereffects of a battle, not when a pokemon center is within sight.

It is a Nurse Joy, usually, that deal with the physical damage. All nurses, even interns, heal the nastiest of wounds, wounds that are sometimes inflicted by their own trainer. It could turn a person bitter, seeing so many pokemon being brought in just because a cocky trainer thinks that he can take on that highly powerful pokemon or she believes that she can properly care for her pokemon when it's sick without proper training.

People can just be so stupid.

The surprise is quick to disappear, and it is up to the nurse to train their mind to not be too bitter or too kind or too of anything. Every situation is different, and assumptions can destroy a person. Had that young man shot his own pokemon, or had it really been protecting him by some redneck idiot? Had that little girl evolved her pokemon too soon to make it prettier, or had the young baby pokemon come too close to an evolution stone in curiosity?

It was sometimes too hard to tell, and sometimes when a nurse calls the police they sometimes lock away an innocent trainer, and other times when they say nothing a poor pokemon continues to survive under the abusive hand of its trainer. Mistakes are made everyday and everywhere. Still, an action must be taken if even the smallest of discomfort beat at your heart, and that was how Nurse Joy, the head nurse of Granite City, felt at that very moment as a young man, covered head to toe in grime, mud, blood, bruises and was absolutely sopping wet from the pounding rain, came into her center.

She stood up at once, heart hammering as his face turned to hers. It wasn't worn or beaten or even relieved like everyone else she had seen that had come into her center in the very same condition. It was positively murderous, and that's why she made a quick gesture to her assistant to take action if anything were to happen.

He stood behind her silently, fingers twitching toward the phone to call the police and at his own pokeball that contained one of the few guard pokemon the center owned. Just the sheer ferocity on the dark clad trainer was enough to want both him and his manger, Nurse Joy, to throw the boy out. It was only the sign of pokeballs on his belt that appeared just as beaten that made him pause.


Shaun had stormed into the semi large city of Granite. It was a city that had been built where a meteor had fallen so long ago. People say that the meteor gave off certain waves that affected the ground and rock pokemon of that area, and it probably did. It was otherworldly and it was still in the city.

Or at least what remained of it.

In the very center of the several hundred mile ditch that was encompassed by mountains was the remains of the meteorite that had been kept by the discoverers and creators of the city. It was a focal point and served as the mascot of the city in the middle of a park for children.

Of course, Shaun didn't know anything about this. He just made his way into the city with an obvious stagger and rasped for directions at the few people that had been out in the pouring rain. A bit disturbed, a citizen had given directions before shakily asking if Shaun needed any help.

Shaun may have been on the brink of shutting down, but he still wasn't stupid. He was livid, positively livid. He would snap and do something stupid, and not needing to deal with any other drama, Shaun gave a grunt of thanks and made his way to the pokemon center. Thankfully, there were two in the city. One at each entrance/exit to the city, so one near Rocky Hills and the other on the other side that led to a dramatic change of a long, grassy plain that was the complete opposite of the mountain area.

He stormed into the pokemon center with a homicidal air about him. He swayed as soon as the door closed behind him, deafening the outside somewhat, and he looked about warily, almost as if unsure. He was disoriented, but as soon as he found the main desk he strode past the on looking trainers that were lazing about on couches and chairs. Whispers broke out as he all but slammed three dirtied pokeballs on the front desk with a low slam.

"Heal these," Shaun growled, startling the pink haired nurse. His eyes bore into her startled blue eyes. "And…" He paused, wincing with both embarrassment and pain. "I was attacked by Zubat."

Whispered laughter filled the air. Zubat? This tough looking boy had been attacked by Zubat? It was downright embarrassing for any trainer, even a new one.

"And a damn Rhyhorn," Shaun continued that instantly stopped the chuckles. "Or do you expect me to drag myself all the way to a human hospital?"

Nurse Joy jumped as the boy barked out the last sentence. "N-no! Of course not!" She looked the boy over, really taking in how bad he was. A large gash was a little scabbed over on his head, and a few bite marks were visible on his body, but to really know the true damage he would need to be examined. "We have doctors that have been trained to treat both humans and pokemon." Trainers had such a habit of going straight for a pokemon center rather than an actual hospital, preferring to save their pokemon. Ah, loyalty, but for this boy it didn't seem like that in this case.

"Good," Shaun growled, blacking out right in front of the desk.


There was a light shining in his eyes. A bright light that made his head pound in unrelenting agony. Shaun could only groan as the light moved from eye to eye, increasing the pounding like the beating of drums within his very brain.

"Ah, awake," a cool voice said, finally pulling the light away. "I had honestly expected you to be unconscious for at least a few more hours."

Shaun gave a gurgle, choking on his own saliva. Hastily, he swallowed his own spit and rasped out, "Water." A lukewarm glass was shoved into his hands, and despite that the water had probably been sitting there for a while, Shaun downed the whole thing, letting most of it dribble down his chin and onto his chest. It was then that he realized that he was wearing only his blue boxers.

"Clothes," Shaun grunted. "What's going on?" He turned his attention on a brown haired man with a longish beard and large square glasses. The man stared down at him with a particularly pointed nose.

"This is the pokemon center," he explained patiently. "You fell unconscious at the front desk. Nothing to worry about, just fatigue and a small number of Zubat bites. I gather you haven't been bitten before. Their bites tend to leave a poison that can sap ones strength. It's to help them catch their prey with ease, but now that you've been bitten and I've given you an antibiotic Zubat bites shouldn't harm you, less they are given the chance to drain a lot more blood."

Shaun's head was fuzzy, and he could barely keep his mind from zoning out, but he got the gist of it.

"I would suggest," the man continued slowly, "that if you cannot handle Zubat, you should buy as many repels as you can carry."

Shaun sneered as he sat up, rubbing at his forearm, feeling better than before. Still groggy and a little slow, but no longer near what he had felt like. He rubbed at his forehead, finding a scab that stung a little when he pressed down, but the urge to throw up was gone. "Where's my stuff?" he asked gruffly.

The man muttered under his breath at Shaun's rude tone. "By your bedside, if you would look. We took the honor of washing those things you call clothes."

Shaun rolled his eyes and turned to his left, body tensing instantly. By the window, sitting on its haunches, body stiff and face attentive, was a large black dog pokemon with a gray underside and black tribal symbols under its eyes. Its eyes met Shaun's.

"Why is there a Mightyena in here?" Shaun asked darkly, voice low. He didn't want to set off the thing. It was far too attentive to just be hanging out. It was a guard pokemon.

"It is our guard pokemon," the doctor informed Shaun before his gaze moved pointedly to the tracker on his foot. "I know what you are, and I will not take any chances."

Shaun glared; face heating up with sudden embarrassment. He suddenly felt exposed in front of this man, being in only his briefs. He had never had a problem with being nude before, but before someone that judged him so quickly, it was demoralizing. "Screw you," he snarled, already pulling his clothes on with haste. He grabbed his bag and flung it over his shoulder, noting that it was caked in dry mud. Everything else was probably just as worse.

"I see you haven't rehabilitated yourself yet," the doctor said softly, just as Shaun opened the door. He turned back, scowling. The doctor had that sort of look one had when they believed themselves above another.

Without another word, Shaun stormed out and lost himself momentarily. He was in a hallway with rooms on each side of him, but a large EXIT flashed ahead of him. Gratefully, Shaun found himself in the main part of the building that he could fuzzily remember entering. He stared a bit, feeling lightheaded.

Several trainers roamed the large room, either sitting on couches chatting with one another, sitting at chairs and watching the news or just standing around. He recognized at least two kids that he could say had started off with him, and he was sure there were more, but he couldn't really remember anyone.

"Pokemon," Shaun grunted, walking up to the front desk where a pink haired woman sat.

She was twirling a looped ponytail and stared up at Shaun, face scrunched up with confusion for a moment. "Oh! You're that boy that collapsed earlier! I'm surprised that you're already up."

"Yea," Shaun drawled with an uncaring shrug. "Pokemon."

The nurse gave him a shrew look. "Identification." Her tone had become stiff.

Sighing, Shaun dropped his pack on the desk and searched for his pokedex. He didn't notice the nurse frowning as bits of dry mud fell onto the polished wood. "Here," Shaun said, handing the dirty device over. He had been right; everything was disgustingly dirty.

The nurse scanned his pokedex into the computer before looking up with a stiff smile. "If you'll give me just a moment, I shall return your pokemon," she said, handing back his pokedex.

"Thanks," Shaun said gruffly, tone sour.

The nurse stood and left out a door behind the main desk. Passing the time, Shaun tapped his finger nails on the wooden desk and idly listened in on the various trainers behind him. Most were just loafing about, bragging about how many pokemon they had or how many badges they had. A few were talking about what region they haled from, and he could even hear a girl talking about the best breeding techniques between water type pokemon.

Just idle chit chat. Nothing important.

"They call that man a gym leader? Puleease. I didn't even lose a single pokemon."

Shaun's blood was already boiling from just that first word. He recognized that voice. That obnoxious, pathetic, disgusting voice. He swiveled around, hair whipping about from the force. His murderous gaze focused immediately, and as soon as the two locked gazes, Shaun's prey drew back in shock and fright.

Andrew Broderick was paler than snow and looked like a Stantler caught in the gaze of a hunter. And that is exactly what Shaun was like right now. A hunter, a murderer.

"Yo—you're alive?" Andrew gapped, looking shaken. The few trainers that had been lingering around the little snob gazed at the boy with dumbfounded curiosity.

Shaun didn't even say a word. He just lunged, bypassing the pathetic posse that had been hanging on to the boys every word as if he were a god. Body crashing into Andrew's, the two went down. That boy honestly had no muscle, but that was fine with Shaun. His face was a mixture of exhaustion and deranged, and combined together he looked absolutely frightening. Shaun didn't waste even a second. His fist slammed into that spoiled little face, immediately drawing blood.

Andrew yelped, bringing his arms up to protect him as best as possible. The whole audience stood stock still for a moment, in shock by the seemingly random attack. It wasn't until after the third hit to the eye and Andrew's choked high pitched squeal that people leapt into action. Two of the boys that had been following Andrew grabbed Shaun by the shoulders and struck out like an enraged beast. Teeth flashing and fingers curling into claws to fight off the offensive appendages in order to beat this vile thing into the ground.

The boy on the left punched Shaun in the stomach, making him curl in on himself in a gasping mess. The other slammed his fist into Shaun's head, sending him to the ground at last as a mob surrounded him in open curiosity. Still, he tried to kick out, claw out, anything that could strike at any of the bastards.

"Son of basaarhg!" Shaun screamed, fangs digging into his arm. He looked up, vision blurry from rage and exhaustion. A heavily black furred beast of a pokemon was holding him down, teeth reddened with his blood and a savage growl all but vibrating Shaun's body with the power behind it.

Shaun breathed in deeply, body staying impossibly still as his eyes glared at Andrew with the fury of an angry Ursaring being kept away from its child. The boy must have felt some sort of energy force because he flinched away from the look. Or perhaps he felt a healthy dose of fear that Shaun could accuse him of attempted murder.

"Break it up!" a voice barked with the same savageness of the Mightyena. Upon hearing the call, the dark type released Shaun but planted a paw on his back, teeth still glistening in warning with his blood. "What in the name of Mew is going on?" the voice snapped at everyone. Perhaps the largest cop Shaun had ever seen came pushing through the crowd, uncaring that he literally shoved a few kids to the ground. He glared down at Shaun and jerked his head. The Mightyena got up obediently and glared down with the same authoritative look. "Well!" he directed at Shaun.

"Nothing!" Shaun spat, glaring at the blue clad muscled man that had more muscles than a Machoke. "Just kicking the ass of my almost murderer!" he shouted loud enough to get the talkative crowd to go silent in a single heartbeat. In fact, the whole pokemon center went quiet.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Andrew shouted after a beat, face scrunching up in confusion and anger, a dark spot starting to form on his cheek that seemed to only give the image of victim. And damn it, it looked so damn real.

Shaun, nerves shot and mind all but breaking with exhaustion, gave a laugh that would make a crazy man proud. He sat back, arms behind him to give him leverage and hair looking like a rattata nest. Compared to Andrew, the clean cut rich boy, he must look a fool.

"You know what I'm talking about!" Shaun shouted, shoulder's heaving with each breath, not exactly sure if his veins were pumping with raw fury or adrenaline. "The f*cker had a bunch of Cranidos f*cking heave rocks at me and f*cking bury me in the mountain! F*ck!" Shaun screamed, heaving himself to wobbly feet after his curse frenzy was over with and attempted to swing his fist at the boy once more. It was stopped by the over muscled freak.

"Everyone just calm down!" the man barked at the once again talkative crowd. Some looked unsure, some looked at Shaun as if he were crazy and a few were even giving Andrew suspicious looks. "Mightyena, Howl!" the cop ordered when no one quieted down.

Mighteyena, its eyes now burning with a demonic light in its blood colored eyes, raised its muzzle to the air. It too a deep breath, muscles tensing and fur rising like spikes before it released a sound of pure horror that sent shivers colder than frost down everyone's back. It was instantly quiet.

"That is enough!" Machoke cop snarled, grip tightening on Shaun's forearm as he hauled him away from Andrew. Once everyone seemed to have become frozen on the spot, Machok cop spoke into his transceiver. "I need backup now," he spoke gruffly, tone indicating that he wanted that backup now. "You," Machoke cop pointed at Andrew, "stay where you are."

Andrew looked completely affronted. "He attacked me!" Andrew snapped, pointing at Shaun.

"And now he's accused you of murder," Machoke cop barked back. "And I take every accusation seriously. We're taking this downtown."

Shaun grinned a feral grin. "You're f*cked," he hissed, grin becoming even more deranged before he felt his knees collapse from under him.


The two had been taken down to the station in two separate cars. Shaun had been saddled with Machoke cop, whom he learned was called Carlos, and was led in cuffs. It pissed him off to no end, but as he was the one who instigated the fight, and also had that damn manacle on his foot, he was the one they chained, not Andrew, the guy who was just accused of murder.

"Sorry, kid," Carols grunted, sitting Shaun down gently on a cold metallic seat in one of those typical observation rooms. "Rules are rules." He nodded at Shaun, indicating his hands handcuffed behind his back.

"Funny," Shaun spat, shaking his hair around wildly, "I didn't see that f*cktard in cuffs either."

Carlos's face darkened. "I think," he said deeply, voice slow as if Shaun were stupid, "that if you want to help your case you had best keep your trap shut if you feel the need to be disrespectful."

Shaun glared, wrists pulling circles at his cuffs that would most likely blister if he didn't stop. The sound of the chain scratching at itself was the only noise for the next minute.

"Now tell me everything," Carlos said gently, startling Shaun. He was not used to be talking to in such a tone by a cop. Well, a cop that wasn't Taylor.

Shaun stared, wrists finally coming to a halt in their effortless fight against his restraints. He looked away, a bitter frown on his face. "Does it matter?" he spat.

"You tell me," Carlos answered. "You just accused a kid of trying to murder you and attacked him in front of a crowd. From what we gathered from the witnesses all it looks like is some crazed punk starting a fight, but that's not your side of the story, and if you want to get away without assault charges and, oh, I don't know, actually put a murderer away then you had better talk."

Shaun swallowed hard. "He and a bunch of other f*ckers attacked a bunch of Cranidos," Shaun began slowly, finally offering up his bit. "I don't know who they were, but they had a Mudkip and a Pichu, I think, and some sort of tan pokemon. Sort of like a Mankey but its butt was on fire and—"

"A Chimchar?" Carlos interrupted, standing abruptly enough to startle Shaun.

"I don't know," Shaun snapped. "I don't know the name of every damn pokemon. There was some other kid too, though I don't know what he had. An ugly girly pokemon or something," Shaun said with a sneer. "It was too far away."

"Hold on," Carlos said, raising his hand to stop Shaun. He peered into Shaun's eyes, searching for truth. "Are you sure there was another kid?" he demanded to know.

"Yea," Shaun said heatedly. "They were all boys. Sissy pathetic boys that lacked anything even remotely close to balls that attacked from the opposite side of a mountain." Shaun glared for a moment before he realized something. "Wait," he said slowly, "what do you mean by another kid?"

"I mean another kid as in more than three," Carlos responded, folding his arms and piercing Shaun with a dark gaze.

"There were five!" Shaun shouted, voice exhausted. "That dick Andrew and four others!"

Carlos stared hard for a moment. "Two days ago we received a call that a boy was seen falling into the mountain."

"That was me!" Shaun bellowed. "I fell into that damn mountain thanks to those bastards!"

"And that there were only three culprits," Carlos finished, ignoring Shaun's rant. They were silent for a moment.

Finally, "Two days ago?" Shaun croaked. He coughed loudly, cuffs clinking softly. "Only three…" He looked down, lost. "Told you it wouldn't have mattered," he mumbled.

The look on Carlos's face was enough to be considered murderous. "Would- wouldn't have mattered!" he bellowed, standing high. "You stupid boy, of course it matters because we might now have some phony story with three innocents locked up!" He glowered down at Shaun. "If you are who you say you are, that means we've got a missing trainer right here in security."

Shaun looked up wearily, taking everything in about this cop. He continued to rant about how stupid Shaun was to think there wouldn't be an investigation just because Shaun thought he was some 'streetwise punk' or 'some little sh*t who didn't believe cops would do their jobs' and the whole lot. What did Shaun think this was, a movie? Hell no.

"Mightyena, watch him," Carlos finally growled, releasing the dark type pokemon from its pokeball that was attached above his heart. With a burst of white light and a shake of its mane, the Mightyena let out a small yip and sat on its haunches. "I'll be back," Carlos growled. "With the same prosecutors as well."

Shaun just watched the man go.



Dick Transvell, an aging man with hair becoming as white as snow and a personality even colder looked up from his polished elk wood desk. Papers were stacked in perfect order, save for the few in front of him, and his golden nameplate seemed to gleam with warning to any who entered the office. He looked up, face set in an ever present grim expression.

"What is it?" His voice was gruff and each time he spoke the wrinkles on his face seemed to darken his face even more. Pale, cold eyes stared deep into Carlos's own.

"There was a scuffle down at the pokemon center, sir," Carlos said, back straight and staring his boss deep in the eye. "And I believe I found our missing hills kid."

"Kids are always disappearing on that mountain," the captain said roughly. "Which one?"

"The one from two days ago. The one we got a call about three seventeen year old boys committing murder." Carlos's voice was grim.

"And we caught those boys, didn't we?" The captain's voice was smooth like poison. "Had a psychic find the evidence and lock them up. You saying we got their victim?"

"Yes, sir. And that's no—."

"Alive?" the captain interrupted.

"Yes, sir," Carlos said, teeth gritting together. "And the boy cla—."

"Then they should thank Mew their sentence will no longer read murder, but rather attempted murder." Dick looked furious. "Have Cartel sent in with that psychic of his. The damn lawyers will be over this."

"Sir, one more thing," Carlos said quickly, trying to hide his irritation. "The boy I have with me, Shaun, said there were five culprits rather then three."

The atmosphere became so tense that it felt more like a physical overbearing presence rather than a mental one.

Dick rose silently from his desk. "Five?"

Carlos felt his ire rise. He hated it when people talked to him like he was child. "Yes, sir. That's the reason why I brought him. He got in a fight with another boy at the pokemon center. At first I thought it was just a battle gone wrong, but the moment he accused the boy of murder – and that's no small accusation, sir – I hauled him in for questioning."

Dick, who acted so much like his namesake Carlos just wanted to punch him, narrowed his unforgiving eyes at Carlos. "Questioning? Carlos, last I checked you were demoted to security guard, and last I checked on that security guards don't have authority to use the interrogation room."

Carlos felt his cheeks burn.

"And as for your boy, your Shaun Tess," Dick ground out the name with obvious dislike, "I already had some real cops look up his info the moment you hauled his punk ass into your car." Carlos stood his ground, simmering. "He's a rehab reject," Carolos continued, voice laced with distaste. "And has a rather large history of violence. You know what I heard when I informed Professor Leef of Shirk City?" They were silent for a moment. "Well, go on, Carlos, since you're so keen on having an investigation, ask me what I heard."

Carlos, his face completely enflamed, kept his voice deep and neutral. "And what would that be, sir?"

"Well, Carlos, instead of talking with the professor like I wanted, I ended up talking with Commissioner Broderick, head of the Department and Regulations of Trainers United."

Carlos frowned. That man was in charge of regulating the laws of who exactly could have trainer licenses and how many pokemon could be carried or even allowed to be owned even if said trainer wasn't battling or was taking a break from training. "It's strange that you mention that, sir," he cut in quickly, "but the boy I have on watch that has been accused of murder is Andrew Broderick, nephew of –"

"I know who that boy is," the chief interrupted, voice laced with distaste. "Unlike you, Heinson radioed in before coming to the station, and unlike you we are already having him questioned by professionals." Carlos was so red in the face it was amazing he wasn't giving off smoke. "Carlos, if you can't even handle a simple security job you aren't qualified for a murder case. I want you to return that drooling dark pokemon of yours and take a few days off. When I figure out what to do with you I'll give you a call. That is all."

Carlos could only stand there, unable to believe what he was just heard.

Chief Transvell frowned. "You are dismissed."

Swallowing, Carlos gave a curt nod and exited, vision growing fuzzy with rage and confusion. It wasn't until the cop had shut the door behind him did Transvell look down at the papers on his desk. It was a bank statement showing the recent deposit by a Mr. Broderick…


Shaun just stared up at the blue suited man that continued to give him a condescending smile with a bland look. Idly he rubbed the mightyena on the head with his cuffed hands, getting a happy pant from the dark type. He found it ironic that he hated growlithe's but didn't mind this beast. They were both dogs and both usually belonged with cops but maybe it was because mightyena's didn't salivate all over someone just to get attention.

The door behind Shaun opened and the man – his interrogator that called himself Mr. Weaver – frowned. "It's about time, Carlos." His voice was condescending, almost as if he couldn't believe he had to talk to someone below him. "I need your mutt out of the room. Even you should know that dark types mess with a psychic or is that a little above your comprehension level?"

Shaun glanced behind him and took in the cop that had hauled him in. He looked like someone had just told him his mom had died.

"Hardly, Weaver, but I would have thought you would have the common sense to have someone fetch my pokeball. I was just in a meeting with the chief, and surely you should know our good boss wouldn't mind an interruption if it would speed up an interrogation process, or is that simply too much for you to comprehend?"

Shaun gave out a bark of laughter and grinned up at the snooty business suit wearing man. It must have been hideous because Weaver gave a dark scowl to the both of them.

"Keep your head on," Carlos continued, voice going low with resentment. He pulled out a red and white pokeball and returned his pokemon with a beam of red light. He turned, clapped Shaun on the shoulder twice, surprising the boy, and left with a call of, "Stay strong, kid."

Shaun stared dumbly. His rage had finally left him and it left his body completely drained. He wanted to sleep so badly…

Mr. Weaver pulled out his own pokeball. It popped open with its classic burst of white light and formed one of the strangest creatures Shaun had ever seen. It was tall, skinny and well formed in the way someone might draw a busty cartoon woman with perfect curves only it was green and white and had hypnotic red eyes.

"This is my gardevoir," Mr. Weaver said, gesturing to the strange pokemon. "She will be helping me with my questioning." Shaun watched the pokemon draw nearer, noting that she didn't so much as walk as float with her dress like skin fluttering behind her as if there were an invisible wind.

"What, need a pokemon to come up with your questions?" Shaun sneered.

M. Weaver just gave a small smile and nodded to the green and white pokemon. "Gaar," Gardevior murmered, hands quickly finding their way onto either side of Shaun's head.

"What the hell do you – !" His tongue felt heavy and there was a weight holding down his arms. He couldn't move, couldn't speak and certainly couldn't do anything but stare into those hypnotic red eyes.

"Part of the Rehab Reject program is that whenever a reject has come in for questioning is that we use psychic pokemon to read your mind," Mr. Weaver commented. Some bit of the fury must have leaked through because the bastard just gave him another one of those condescending smiles. "Now tell me, Mr. Tess, have you taken any drugs since you've been introduced to the world of pokemon training?"

Shaun gagged, vision going dark before memories began to play out like a movie. He watched himself get off the bus, yell at some kid and eat with his pokemon for the first time. His memories flew faster than he could even pay attention though they did seem to slow when he smoked or at random little intervals that the psychic pokemon was interested in.

"Vo," Gardevior sang, shaking her head no. 'He has not broken any of the laws that was subjected to his file.' Shaun twitched, eyes going wide at the sound of the psychic voice. He had never heard such a thing.

"Really? Well, how have you treated your pokemon?"

Again memories flowed into his mind. They flashed almost too fast so watch properly and only slowed once it skipped to Shaun inside the mountain. There were too many skips and different points of memory and it certainly wasn't in order.

'It is still too early to decide if immediate action should be taken to removing his pokemon. He has not hit them and in facts seems very against abuse. It should be noted that he did kill Zubat inside Rocky Hills not for food but for self defense. Trainer Tess has also come into possession of a Rhyhorn that may be too high of a level to be controlled at this point.'

Weaver nodded. "I'll have someone contact the next town so that they are aware that he may have a rampaging pokemon."

"Fu…cker," Shaun breathed out, body straining to fight off this invisible hold on him. The rage had come back. "What… uhg." He couldn't talk anymore without his tongue falling out of his own mouth. Gardevoir, clearly having pity on him, moved him into a more comfortable position on the chair.

"What about the murder case against you is what I'm assuming you're asking," Weaver said with a slight chuckle. "Yes, I was made aware of that little scuffle of yours in the pokemon center." He leaned over Shaun, eye to eye and Shaun could do nothing but stare blankly with nothing but rage coursing through his very being. "The boy you accused was seen at the pokemon gym building, recorded by visual and audio and seen by a large number of people at the same time of your supposed death. Sorry kid, but you better grow a few brain cells before trying to make an easy buck."

It was at that moment the rage finally took over. Body twitching, heart beating and blood pumping Shaun broke away from the psychics grasp, fist flying and smacking in the that damn smile and sending the bastard to the floor. It was quick and it was dirty and Shaun loved the three seconds he was able to laugh maniacally before a psychic hold all but crushed his mind and conscious.

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