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Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
You're improving.

What about running frames for the FR/LG Brendan and May sprites?

Also, are some of the Pokémon sprites in the FR/LG pack custom?
Probably, I found them on another website. Secondly, I've done a FR/LG Brendan Running sprite, I've attached it to this post. You can probably make a FR/LG May running sprite by repositioning certain parts of the sprite. (e.g. head, hands, etc)

Originally Posted by Anyu View Post
Woah, how do you make these?
I have alot of spare time on me, I'm on my christmas holidays at the moment so I will be able to update the status of this thread very easily.
I do it by using "Paint" and carefully resizing sprites that I've found, (I do give credit) and then where necessary I patch it up my merging sprites.
Like this one:
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