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Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
Nice work on the hack man. When I was playing through the demo, I found a few bugs/ oddities that need to be looked after.

-When I entered my rival's house I found him in his bed with no script attached to him. As such, when I tried to speak with him the game froze and I had to start over ;_;
-This guy doesn't speak/ move when you talk to him.
-Self explanatory; a Pokeball wants to trade with me
Going to remove the images for less quote space. What we have here is either bad patching or patching to a different rom; it happened to Bela and I don't know who else, if any of you comes across these bugs then it's a patching/rom problem. I can't do anything about it since these don't happen to everyone.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
After the Jigglypuff sings its song, the music changes to the PC theme, rather than the town's default music.
Argh, that Jigglypuff got to me! It won't be a Jigglypuff in the alpha, but thanks for pointing it out anyway.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
You accidentally added an extra space in both of these NPC's text. You don't even have to repoint to change this.
Fixed, thank you!

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
If you are on either side of the door and walk down you can get here. Movement permissions and all that jazz.
All that jazz got reported already.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
I was surprised when I found this, but even more surprised to see that there was another hidden item exactly like it on the the same map through A-Map (bottom right corner).
Crap, I forgot to set the items here. Yeah I used an '???' and I was planning on replacing it with other items right before release. Thanks, they're normal items now.

There are also a few more stationed throughout the game.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
I also encountered the Spinda with Koffing's moveset and experienced difficulty naming my Bulbasaur like other people who have posted in this thread but didn't feel like I had to take any pictures since you're aware of them :D
Since it's an AT thing and not a bug, you'll encounter it, yeah. But as you know, it's reported. I'll update the first thread with known bugs.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
Overall, I think Gust is an interesting game. You are definitely succeeding in trying to emulate Gamefreak's mapping style, but I feel that there are too many unnecessary one-tile paths for it to be a true representation. I'll be watching and waiting for more to come in the future even though you said you don't want to show any screenies ;_;.
Yeah, my style is working in the shadows and *BANG* coming up with a new release out of the blue. Thank you for your cc!

Quote originally posted by Facelift:
I'll be waiting for a final release, mostly because of the mapping and your humor.
I didn't know that humor would contribute as a factor in any way, but thank you. I will not let you wait in vain.

Quote originally posted by atie:
I better wait for the alpha by judging from all the features and you're good sense of humor I will like this hack and will be impatient to wait for more and it will kill me if I can't so good luck!!

P.S old skool Fire Red tiles ftw . Are you going to insert new music? cuz I heard the Fire red music to much xD
I am planning to insert music and some tiles right after I finish all the main scripting. Scripting is top priority for me. Thank you for your kind words.

Quote originally posted by Ettadara:
Enjoying the hack so far - it's interesting. But the loyal, perfectionist gamer in me isn't terribly happy with the removal of my choice in starters.

Don't feel offended, though, I'm never really happy when something that's never changed... is. It's not you, don't worry.
Don't worry, you'll get all 3 starters eventually. This is a 386 hack.

Quote originally posted by Ettadara:
And, while I do feel the need to point out several aforementioned glitches; such as Bulbasaur's sprite being an egg when you're nicknaming it, and the same nickname sequence not working properly - I look forward to the next update. This hack has potential, I think. :D
It seems like I can't get around fixing that naming bug yet, but I promise that in the alpha it will be either fixed or not there at all.

Quote originally posted by Amachi:
Just played through your demo CJ, and I have to say, I did enjoy it. Mapping is very nice, and your scripting and story is quite neat as well. Good work.
Thank you Ray, I'm really happy that you enjoyed it!

Quote originally posted by donquixote123456:
Hmmm seems good to me... Guess you've got the spark that many professional scripters have lost..... no offence to anyone though ........ great work .... keep it up!!!
Thank you, I feel flattered but my scripting skills are just enough to get me around the corner; I'm happy about it, though!


So, as DrFuji already knows, I am reporting progress but I'm not showing any here. The 5-gym-long alpha will be out in February, but I'm not promising anything yet. Some time after New Year's I'll give you the visual update you've been looking for, though!
This is my December . . .