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Quote originally posted by Jayster23:
Joining... Loved sonic since Sonic Adventure, the blue blur was and always will be my favourite gaming hero.

Username: Jayster23
Favorite Sonic Character(s): Sonic and Nazo
Password: Emerald

My favourite Sonic games are probably Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.
I prefer SA because you have the overworld where you can just roam around and i really enjoyed that. SA2:B if it had the overworld it'd be the perfect game, the chao garden is absolutely awesome.
Love Nazo; the perfect backstory, conception, everything about him is awesome. I take it you have seen the Nazo Unleashed series on Newgrounds or YouTube?
If you like SEGA (especially for their music, RadioSEGA is the place for you. Make sure you leave your shoes at the door we don't want no dirt up in here.
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