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Quote originally posted by Zetsubou Johnny:
You can actually change gameboids save type to flash 128k so either way, you're cool.

And LaZ, can you just clarify on the physical/special split? I've heard yes, I've heard no, but in the end it just matters to what you say.

Yep it's in. 4th gen special/physical split.

Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:
I was bored, so yeah...

HTML Code:

Just a way to show my support to this hack/mod~! ;)

Nice work :) Long time no see ;)

Quote originally posted by Eikkatin:
I dont think it is possible as well, but then i saw this:

I just wish LaZ would confirm this.

It's possible, and it's in haha.

UPDATE: Been working hard on stuff ready for a release. We have a few graphics left to insert and some bugs to iron out then things are good. I can pretty much say we are on track for now. I'm just hoping something huge doesn't appear like in previous releases (the evolution bug from 2.0, for instance).


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