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Not a problem Supervegeta.

Well guys, things just went from bad to plain ****. Looks like there has been ANOTHER 3 earthquakes in my hometown today, a 5.9 then 5.5 and finally a 6.0 within 2-3 hours of each other. It's just as bad as the February 2011/September 2010 quakes earlier. So due to this, my work hours and the coming Christmas and New Years, I will quite possibly not be able to post until around mid January when I get back.

So for the time being, and so Skymin does not get overcome by the RP, it will be going on Hiatus until such a time as I can return and begin posting, again hopefully around mid January, although plans might change. This does not mean that the thread needs to be locked or is dead, just that it is, I guess, frozen in time? So yeah, hiatus.

I'm very sorry guys, but enjoy your holidays.

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