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Quote originally posted by Quilava's Master:
Okay, I'm looking for some help over here. It seems like nobody uses the Season Editor casue they don't know how. Well I implemented it [with relative success] and will post a tutorial soon but I've run into an error. First off: The seasons don't chane in December. Idky. Secondly: At first everythign is fine, however during the winter when I enter a menu [Bag/Trainer Card/Pokedex etc] the palettes/tiles get all screwy until I enter a house/building. Any advice?

This is what I mean. The left is what it's supposed to look like, the right is what it looks like after opening a menu or engaging in a wild battle.
This is a similar problem to what I had. When it's Winter, it instead shows the tileset for Spring.

Will give one of my sisters and my cat to whoever can help me expand the gosh darn doodly ding dong Pokedex in FireRed...
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