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Version 8

Here are the links towards the new patch...

Newbie Package


Quote originally posted by UltraXTheMagmaDrapion:
Is this the conclusion of the series or will there be more? :O
Yep, this is the final of the Ruby Destiny series.

Quote originally posted by SonicBlazePlatinum:
There are probably some errors in some of the trainer's Pokemon. I seen a video of Low Point Path and Hex Maniac Kindra has a Growlithe. Oh and the Battle Girl named Jaycee is still called a Black Belt and there is a Fisherman Abigail in Boquet Field. I'm not sure if these have been fixed. Also when can you enter Vextra Forest for the first time? I like the music used in the game like the remixes of Vermilion, Route 3, and the Kanto Gym Leader themes from Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
I fixed some of those, but I'll later try and scan the trainers once again...

Quote originally posted by shomoher:
I don't get it...

By the way, how does Terrange's evolution chain work...?
He meant the movie 'Twilight', and about the vampires that 'sparkle'...

Anyway, Terrange only evolves once and it becomes 'something' depending on its stats...

Quote originally posted by cane taker:
where can i get tm thunderbolt and flash. and when it says u have to go to mineral cave in dardusk path i went in there and saw the rare pokemon but all it says is grr... and teleports me out, what do i do?
I ah, don't know, but about Flash, please see the F.A.Q. on the first post...
And about that PKMN that says 'grr'... Head to Lustersand Town and defeat the master there and earn yourself a badge.

Quote originally posted by Raffix:
sweet hack, but found some bugs (if you care)
When heading up to Highpoint town for the first time, Light is there. If you talk to him, he crashes your game, but if you ignore him and try to go up to the town, his script where he asks you to listen to him to prove he's good is activated prematurely. This doesn't affect the game, as if you just run through it, then play on, you will run into it again.
Also, on the route North of Rainbow city, if you try to catch a Buizel, your game crashes. Buizel is overpowered, having the move "Deep Water" that will OHKO a Wartortle 10 levels higher...
Finally, the day/night system is weird, i set the clock as a night time, and it hasn't changed since!
Anyways, great hack! thanks for all the hard work!
Yes, I fixed Light now on the new patch available.
And I'll check on that Buizel... I thought I already fixed that... -___-

Quote originally posted by Raikoh Nadanshy:
It would be nice to have this game on RomStation. I wonder if you could do that ? You will get more people to play with your game more people know it more the popularity going up !
I don't know what RomStation is, but if I get free time + internet, I'll check that out.

Quote originally posted by Powerflare:
I know there aren't any Master Balls in the game. Without hacking to get a Master Ball, is it possible to catch the Vessel... or any of the legendaries that after you defeat you get them free at lv. 5?
Yeah, you can catch anything with a Master Ball, of course.
And not all legendaries will give you a lvl 5 one...

Quote originally posted by xChaos_Disasterx:
so i put a ditto and a skarmory in the daycare to get a better natured skarmory but when i hatched the egg it came out as a ????????? lvl 63 and when i look at the stats it crashes the game. is it just a bad egg or are all eggs like this?

Also how what are the evolution requirements for skarmory to evolve into skarmiger?
I'll try breeding a Skarmory with a Ditto and see for myself...
Also, Skarmory evolves through level...

Quote originally posted by Powerflare:
Offtopic: I hate the Vessel and the subsequent fights. I hate them, I hate them. I can only beat them with Perish Song. I know that is a 100% legit way to win, but to me it feels like cheating. xD
Oh, believe me, when I was beta testing, the move 'Perish Song' didn't come into my mind... x,x
I had to use the VBA's "time power" feature (load and save states)... xD
Hm... I think that sounds more cheating than Perish Song now... =/

Quote originally posted by Master Terrador:

Who are the voices (Blue and Red) that speak to you in the "End of Time" arc? Are they the Shadow Destiny and the Ruby Destiny (Respectively)?
blue= the real timeline...
red= your false timeline...

Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
I am at the rentah town where the plane of Dark Organization crashed after that when i talked to the pyramid rock thing it says to go in the plane but i had twice searched every part of the plane but no one or nothing is there whats the problem?
Talk to the 'hole' on the wall of the aircraft...

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