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Originally Posted by Truality View Post
That's some splendid work you did there, Haroun and Max!

I like the unique style, the number of Greek-originated words and the overall spriting. The story is simple yet ample for such a game, I can't wait to see how the gameplay unfolds! Best of luck with this.

Glad to see you like this, dude.

Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
You're welcome ^.^, I'm always happy to support original games! Besides, I love the style you are developing for Monokid; it's very cute :3.

I assume it'll be a platform game, if so, I can give you a good engine to get you started.
Thanks again. Yup, it is a platform game, though I pretty much have the engine down pat for now. As in, move left, right, jump, gravity, stuff like that (none of the screenshots are mockups). But thanks for the offer :3


This screenshot depicts more of the introduction cutscene, once again pixelled by the amazing Cilerba.
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