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Penance Malum

Penance could barely keep in his joy as they ran through the base. The only things that could stop them were the ancients they had kept outside, but they were small fry. With so many gold tribe members and alpha alliance members here to help they could push past the mob relatively easily, head over to help Sword and Shield and Vigil with their own foes, and then head back to Liberty Town as heroes! When the group made it outside Penance hadn't been expecting to find two pokemon that were not ancients. Sentinels he thought. He hadn't been in the gold tribe when these silver tribe members had left but when they had returned he had heard plenty about them from his brothers and sisters. Just based on what he had been told he could identify the Mienshao as Scar and the Flareon was Ignitus.

"Crap." He heard Calamity mutter. While Penance wouldn't stoop to using cuss words he could agree with the general feeling that his brother was conveying.

"I suggest we find a way around them. The escapees of the torturehouse are in no condition to fight an army of Ancients, much less two Sentinels! We have to get out of here, noble Gold Tribe members." General Hazone said. Penance silently agreed, but someone else, a Grovyle, was already heading toward them no doubt attempting to face them head on. If what the General said was true than the Grovyle wouldn't last even a minute against the two sentinels.

"Cover your ears!" He shouted as he let out a loud screech at the two sentinels, hopefully the Grovyle had heard him and managed to leap out of the way. If his screech could just daze the sentinels for a few seconds they could at least have enough time to get into the forest and have more time to make a plan to get to Sword and Shield and Vigil and make their way back to Liberty Town.