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Penance Malum

As soon as Penance ended his screech attack he had expected the sentinels to at least be dazed from his attack, but they were still moving like nothing had even happened! "I could probably teleport a few of us out at a time." He heard the Gallade say.

"You should teleport the Alpha Alliance soldiers at least to the forest edge, that way they can try to escape. I doubt they are in any condition to battle. I will remain with you Gold Tribe members, and hold them off, until we see an opening we can escape from." The general said.

Penance turned his attention to Ignitus as he formed two water pulses in his hands. If they could as least wound one of the sentinels badly enough for a retreat then they would only need to focus on getting past one sentinel and then get to Vigil and Sword and Shield to help them out. Penence wasn't ready when the fire type suddenly unleased a flamethrower at the group. Penance cried out as the flames engulfed his body, while he was a water type that didn't mean that fire couldn't burn him. If that wasn't bad enough a shadow ball slammed into Penance's chest causing him to stagger back. Penance noticed the other sentinal, Scar, force palming the soldiers. Penance formed another two water pulses in each hand. If they could hold off Ignitus long enough... he could only hope that they could make it through this alive.

"Calamity, help me with Ignitus!" He shouted as he threw his water pulses at his foe and quickly formed two more. "Screw chivalry," he muttered. It took some effort to form water, but he would use every ounce of energy he had to form eight more water pulses and aimed all of them at Ignitus. As soon as he fired his tenth he felt his fatigue catch up with him as he doubled over, panting heavily. He hoped that would at least get the fire type off their backs for a while.