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Originally Posted by Powerflare View Post
It's ashame that the Breatherna event forces you to choose between Breatherna and Deazone. Who did you choose? I picked Breatherna just because of the massive HP amount. xD I duplicated my save though so I could also pick Deazone... I did that, now I just gotta find a way to trade it into my main save.

I also found a way to get a lot of Rare Candies...

In that building on Sparkle Path with the whole arrow maze game, go in and play the game ($500). Just keep walking forward until you hit the item which is a Rare Candy. Do this until you are out of money. Then sell the Rare Candies which are worth more than $500/each. Then go back and get a lot more than you got the first time. =P
I chose Deazone, it's Death Rip combined with leveling it all the way up to 100 makes it easy to blow through those lv. 100 in the final battle. I chose Breatherna in a second playthrough using a Toxicstall combo, worked rather well as well if I do say so.