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Near Torturehouse

The three Pokemon clashed, but the force of Beserker's Take Down was too much for the two Gold Tribe members. Zane was forced back on his back, but stood up quickly. Gladius too stood up quickly, and immediately went after Beserker once more.

"This is not happening!" Gladius prepared a Wild Charge. He rushed towards the Berserker. Beserker fought back with another Take Down. "Down you go, Berserker, you traitor!" he said, as the two clashed. For a moment, it seemed, that Berserker was being held off by Gladius. Zane would not get another chance like this. He charged at Beserker from behind, and delivered his strongest Night Slash on him. Beserker roared in pain for a moment, and faltered, allowing for Gladius's attack to overwhelm him for that moment. A second later, Beserker was on the ground, still in pain from the attack. The Ancients, realizing Beserker was momentarily subdued, began to close in. Zane yelled at Gladius.

"Now's our only chance, Sword and Shield! Let's make a whole and get out of here!"

While he screamed this, he rammed through to make a pass with Iron Head at the Ancients. While Beserker was on the ground, now may be their only chance to escape back into the forest.


Torturehouse Entrance

As the fighting erupted, Hazone saw the Golduck launching strikes back at Ignitus. Scar, however, remained unaccounted for. Scar continued to launch his barrage of attacks against the weaker forces, working his way up. Still very weak, Hazone couldn't just stand by and see this happen.

Sneaking around to the blind side of Scar, Hazone prepared all the energy he could. As energy filled up in his mouth, Hazone released his most potent Hyper Beam he could. Scar turned in time to see the attack coming, but didn't have enough time to dodge the attack. He took the blast full force, knocking him back a few meters. He was slow to get up. Hazone knew that wouldn't be enough to defeat Scar, but it may keep him down long enough to try to break free and escape.

"We may not get another chance! To the forest!" Hazone yelled, as Ancients began charging in. Hazone did his best to try and shake them, and retreat.

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