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Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post

Or something.

And holy crap is Moscow becoming a beast of a city.
The intense nation-saving action indeed.*

*statement only applies to my views in Civilization, not reality

Oh yes it is.

Update 34 - Telling Saladin to Bugger Off

We're spreading that religion. And stupid enemy espionage mission poisoning Yaroslavl''s water supply.

We need a Barracks here for a better military. Can't keep up with France if my forces don't have the EXP points.

Oh, and Yaroslavl''s borders expanded.

Photographed evidence I'm not neglecting to defend my newest cities.

This Settler is going to go on a ship to some place Napoleon's troops can't get to by land.

No thank you. I don't really trust you not to pillage my improvements.

After the fiasco with the French we've really been pumping out Longbowmen.

Oh, and these guys.

Best place ever for a city.

Actually, this is an ever better place for a city. Different Settler, by the way.

End Update 34

And to think there's only 19 more sets of these to convert to .png, upload, and post before we're caught up.

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