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Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
Octa is entirely incorrect. Anyone who knows as much as he claims to about Hamlet would know that the reason Hamlet doesn't kill Claudius then is not due to an inability to commit cold-blooded murder; I mean, right afterwards he goes and kills Polonius because he thinks he's his uncle. The real reason he doesn't kill him is because he believes Claudius is at prayer, and he reasons that if he kills him right then when his sins are being absolved, he'll just go to heaven, and Hamlet really wants him to go to hell. So he decides to kill him at some other time, when he's drunk or in bed with Gertrude or something. The irony is, of course, that Claudius isn't praying; he finds himself incapable of prayer, his murder of his brother weighing too heavily on his mind to let him communicate with God. That turned out longer than I thought, but the point remains.
Well, the point is actually highly debatable. There are various interpretations of that scene, yours and Octa's both being ones. Octa's choice of the more benevolent interpretation perhaps says something about his own view on the world. Good job on recognising Hamlet, by the way.

Anyway, that's all I can say for now, other than that it seemed a bit strange how Toxica joined them. There was never any mention of Black actually catching her, or why she came with them - in any ordinary circumstance, when one person meets another, they don't immediately up sticks and go with them. This seems even more strange when you consider that Toxica's an Oddish, and they're fairly sedentary during the day at least; they only move around at night, and even then, I doubt they would wander right across the country and into a city without some strong motivation. I'm sure you have an explanation, and it's fairly obviously hinted at, but it would be nice to have it more clearly explained and expanded on.
You've got a very good point here, now that I think about it, and I'll certainly have to expand upon that scene when I rewrite the chapter.

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
I just finished reading all the chapters and I am really loving it!
Although I am finding the Glaceon and Vaporeon love scene a bit awkward... I ain't really a big fan of love scenes but whatever.

Well, that's a shame. I hope you'll like the love scenes in the future better.

Also, I thought Diego was a Purrloin...? Or was it really a Zorua in Dusquise in the first few chapters, but was not mentioned?
Indeed, that's what I meant to imply by that scene, and also explains why he never seemed to get hurt in the previous battle with him and why he could use Fake Tears, which is not in Purrloin's movelist but is in Zorua's movelist.

Chapter Fourteen: An Archæologist With Backbone

The Nacrene Gym was a big stately white building with classicist architecture and sculptures of ancient pokémon outside. Before entering, Black paused for a moment to talk to his pokémon.
The Gym Leader here uses the normal-type. That means none of you will be at either a type advantage or a disadvantage. So I'll simply use the most powerful among you. Good luck.”
They entered a magnificent hall with all kinds of archæological and palæontological exhibits, such as ancient skeletons, fossils, sculptures, and reliefs. The hall was dominated by a beautifully reconstructed skeleton of a draconian pokémon.
Do you want to visit the museum, sir?” someone standing next to the door asked, startling Black. “A ticket costs 10 pokémoney.”
And... What about the Gym?” Black asked. “Is it here?”
Oh, the Gym? It's-”
Thank you, Mr. Picklecopter, I will take it from here.” a scientist said, “my name is Hawes, and I'll take you to the Gym. It's just in the back of the museum, you see. Do you mind if I give you a small tour before I show you the Gym?”
No, that's okay.”
Then walk this way.”
Black followed Hawes. The first exhibit they stopped at was the large dragon skeleton. “This fascinating skeleton was once a Dragonite. It lived about 5000 years ago, and when it was alive it must have been one of the most powerful pokémon in all of Unova. Wild Dragonites are incredibly rare and have territories the size of a small continent, you see. Even in modern times, a human capturing them in the wild is completely unheard of. Very, very rarely, a powerful trainer manages to catch a Dratini and train it all the way to a Dragonite, but such a process takes an incredible amount of time and energy. In the era when this Dragonite lived, humans worshipped them and would often make sacrifices to them. The bones of this Dragonite showed severe damage when they were dug up, so it is thought that it perished in an accident.”
He led them on to a relief of an insectoid pokémon. “This is a relief of a Kabutops, a pokémon that used to be extinct before a technology to revive them from fossils was perfected.”
He continued the tour, showing many interesting exhibits, and finally he showed a bright white stone. “We're not quite sure what this is. It seems to be just an ordinary white stone, but it's impossible to make any marks on it. My wife is still researching what it might be. My wife is the director of this museum and the Gym Leader, see, a very strong and kind trainer named Lenora. And her Gym is just through that door there. Good luck, you'll need it.”
Behind the door was another large room, full of books stacked in large bookcases. There must have been thousands of books in the library, and Boreas just stared at it in bedazzlement. Octa had taught him how to read at the Daycare, but there had been only a few dozen books there. He had never imagined this many books existing in the whole world, let alone together in a single place. Between the towering bookcases were paths. Most of the paths were thin, but one of them, the central one where they were currently, was several metres wide and divided the library in two. In the middle of the wide path, a woman with dark skin and blue hair curled up into a large cloud-like shape was reading a book on a table. She looked up when she heard them enter.
Are you the Gym Leader?” Black asked.
Yes.” She said, standing up, “I am Lenora, director of the museum and Gym Leader. Are you a challenger?”
Yes. My name is Black, and I want to challenge you!”
Lenora swung her apron over her shoulder to reveal a belt of pokéballs. “Well then, Black, I'm going to research how you battle with the pokémon you have lovingly raised! Shall we use two pokémon each?”
Black nodded.
Hawes spoke up. “The challenger and Gym Leader Lenora will each use two pokémon. They are not allowed to use items, and a pokémon that has been switched out counts as having been defeated. Begin the battle!”
Schliemann,” Lenora threw a pokéball, “Test this challenger's worth!”
A Herdier appeared from the pokéball. “Lucius, begin the battle with a Howl!”
As Lucius howled, charging into combat, Boreas felt like a small friendly town that was expecting to get a new road built through it, greatly boosting its economy, when the government suddenly announces its going to build the road through the neighbouring city that keeps dumping their toxic waste into the town's fields instead. “Lucius? But I thought I...”
Well,” Octa said as Lucius and Schliemann started their battle, “he did say he would use the most powerful pokémon. I would assume that to mean myself and Lucius.”
But I'm better than Lucius!”
The time you tried to kill me says otherwise, pup!” Lucius sneered, dodging the Herdier's attack.
But I was enraged out of my mind and not thinking properly then. I could beat you if I was calm and using my brains.”
Lucius scoffed. “Of coooourse you could, pup. You're becoming as cocky as your bo- ARP!” Schliemann hit him with a grievously powerful Take Down which knocked him away in a nearly straight line until he hit the bookcase a few metres back with a massive thud. He managed to get back on his feet, badly bruised, one leg dragging behind him, and very angry. “STOP DISTRACTING ME, PUP!”
Schliemann charged Lucius to finish the battle with another Take Down, but Lucius managed to sidestep just in time and the Herdier ran into the bookcase instead, nearly making it fall over with his ferocious strength. Lucius immediately used the opportunity to dig his teeth into his enemy, and followed up by singeing him with an Ember. But Schliemann was faster than Lucius expected, and managed to hit him with another Take Down, knocking him to the ground. Lucius growled and cursed in pain, but couldn't get up any more.
Challenger Black's Houndour is unable to battle. The score is 1-0 in favour of Gym Leader Lenora.” Hawes announced.
Damn,” Black cursed, “That Herdier is strong! Octa, show off your newly evolved skills!”
With pleasure.” Octa stepped forward.
Octa, begin with Growth!”
Octa grew five lengthy vines, one from his tail, one from each hand, and two more from the leaves on his back. His opponent tried to use Octa's momentary distraction to take him down, but Octa dodged the attack with an incredibly agile slither. Then, when his opponent had passed him, he Vine Whipped him with all five vines, causing five ugly marks on the Herdier's skin. Schliemann tried to attack him, but he whipped up a Leaf Tornado much larger than Boreas had ever seen him use, which caught the Herdier and blew him right back to his trainer, wounded.
Gym Leader Lenora's Herdier is unable to battle. The score is 1-1!” Hawes pronounced.
That's quite the pokémon!” Lenora complimented Octa as she threw another pokéball, “But no matter how grim the situation, I'll use my scientific skills to find a winning strategy! Go, Dubois!”
Octa bowed to salute the Watchog that appeared from the pokéball, and tried to Vine Whip it, but it managed to jump in between his attacks, and hit him with a bone-crushing Retaliate that connected with a phenomenal noise and launched him off his feet, several metres through the air before he landed on the ground. For a moment it seemed the battle was over, but then Octa got back up. He began counter-attacking the Watchog, but it was clear that Dubois was faster and even stronger than the Herdier was.
Isn't he amazing?” Toxica whispered reverently. She was intently staring at Octa, blushing and with a perverted grin on her face.
I guess.” Boreas said, rather annoyed by her.
He's so strong, and cool, and smart, and attractive...” she gushed.
Toxica was really beginning to get on Boreas' nerves, but he couldn't help but agree with her that evolution had increased Octa's abilities by an impressive amount. He wondered when he would evolve, an then he wondered what he would evolve into. He had never really given the matter thought before, but now he realised that he would have to decide at some point what he wanted to be, or be stuck with something random for the rest of his life. He remembered how easy Zeph had found the choice and how he had always known he wanted to be a Jolteon. Tears shot into his eyes as he realised with a pang of grief that Zeph would never get to be a Jolteon. Damn, he thought, I thought I was over it...
Drawing a deep breath, he managed to calm himself down enough to think about what he wanted. I could be a Leafeon like Mum. He pictured himself as a Leafeon, walking in a forest and enjoying the warm summer weather instead of suffering in it. He really liked the idea. Yeah, I want to be a Leafeon.
But then he realised that being an Espeon would be great as well. He thought of all the things he could do with psychic powers. Then he was suddenly snapped out of his reverie by a yelp of pain from Octa and Toxica drawing a startled breath as Octa was violently crushed between his enemy's Take Down and the bookcase. It seemed things were not going well for Octa: while his enemy was clearly hurt and losing energy, Octa himself seemed to be at the end of his abilities.
He missed the Watchog, who quickly retreated after pinning Octa to the bookcase and was now getting ready to finish it. Octa extended his vines, and Dubois was ready to dodge them as he charged, but Octa didn't attack his enemy with his vines, but the floor. He pushed himself off the ground with his vines and launched himself over the top of the two metres-tall bookcase. Immediately after landing on the other side of it, he pushed the bookcase, which was severely weakened due to the several Take Downs it had absorbed. With a monumental creaking, the bookcase fell over, right on top of the charging Watchog who couldn't get away in time.
The three humans immediately rushed over and together they pulled the bookcase up far enough that they could rescue the Watchog from under it. “I'm sorry about messing up your library like this.” Black apologised.
No need to be.” Lenora said, returning her Watchog to his pokéball after checking if he was okay. “I suppose having a battle in a library is just asking for it. I should probably battle outside from now on.”
Hawes seemed to suddenly remember his role as judge. “Gym Leader Lenora's Watchog can't battle. Challenger Black has won the match!”
That was so cool!” Toxica praised Octa.
I just thought about what Boreas would do in my situation, and did so. It worked quite staggeringly well, didn't it?”
We should go celebrate your victory and evolution this evening, Octa!” Toxica said. “Remember that pub with the pokémon serving we passed on the way here? We should go there for some dinner!”
Yeah,” Boreas said, “We should go celebrate your victory and evolution there.”
Uhm...” Toxica said, “I meant just Octa and me, really.”
Yeah,” Boreas smirked, “So did I.”
Why don't we all three of us go celebrate?” Octa intermitted.
Both the others sighed. “Hmpf, fine.” they grumbled.

That evening all three were having a lot of fun on the pub's terrace.
...So with all my strength I launched myself upwards at least five metres, still only barely reaching the top of the gargantuan bookcase, and I pulled my limbs and tail as close to me as I could, for I could've broken my neck if I had hit the bookcase and landed badly as a result. Then, with a phenomenal thud nearly breaking my ankles, I landed on the ground and immediately began executing the second part of my brilliant plan: I set my shoulder and all vines to the mighty bookcase, and with an outpouring of titanic strength I managed to topple it, so my opponent was crushed by the colossal falling bookcase.” He finished his glass of wine. “In the name of snowman Rayquaza, some days I amaze even myself.”
That's the fifth time you've told that story,” Boreas said, “and every time you tell it it gets better.”
That's because I tell it better each time, my dear fellow.” he poured himself another glass, “Of course, you inspired me to it. A toast, to my good friend Boreas: as clever as a brain pie, and just as impulsively rash as one.”
They toasted and drank from their glasses, though Boreas was pretty sure something had gone wrong mid-metaphor.
Of course,” Toxica, drinking with a straw due to her lack of arms, said, “You were also incredibly brave to fight that Watchamacallithog in the first place.”
Oh yes!” Octa agreed, “It was a foul, monstrous, hideous, dangerous, powerful, gigantic,-”
Don't forget smelly.” Boreas intermitted.
Yes, thank you, my dear fellow, I shan't. Smelly. Very smelly. As smelly as the moist hole of a Skuntank suffering from terminal colon cancer. I do not know if you are familiar with that particular smell, but smelly 'twas. A smell that would have frightened off an anosmic Muk. What was I talking about again?”
Your fiendish opponent.” Boreas reminded him.
Of course! And what a smelly creature 'twas! Smelly and hideous enough to make a grown pirate weep and wish for his mother to please give him a cookie!”
Terrifying!” Toxica added.
Grotesque!” Boreas added.
Ferocious!” Toxica added.
Nauseating!” Boreas added.
Indeed.” Octa agreed, “It must've been hand-picked by Giratina himself.”
From the darkest corners of the Distortion World.” Boreas added, “Where a thousand and five Hydreigons scream for naught.”
Yes, that particular spot!” Octa agreed.
Not hand-picked!” Toxica disagreed, “Banished! Banished because old Giratina was too scared of it stealing his dark throne made of forty-two obsidian Garchomp-skulls!”
Forty-seven!” Boreas improved.
Forty-twelve, actually.” Toxica bettered herself. “And Octa defeated all forty-twelve... What were they again?”
So I did!” Octa said, “A toast to me!”
They toasted again and downed their glasses. “Boreas, pour me another glass, please? I'm an arm short of being able to do it myself.” Toxica asked.
Boreas tried to pour her another glass, but after the first few drops nothing came out any more. “Hmm...” Boreas said, “must be clogged.”
He looked into the bottle and saw it was not clogged, just empty. “It's empty.” he announced gravely.
Octa chuckled. “A blessing in disguise, my dear fellow, for I do think we've all had quite enough.”
Boreas and Toxica couldn't possibly disagree. “Did we pay already?” Toxica asked.
Yes, remember, when we ordered the food and the wine.”
I'd toast Black right now for giving us the money if we had wine left to toast with.” Octa said.
We had to work for it, though.” Boreas said, “Or rather, we had to work to make him understand what we wanted.”
Great guy, Black.” Octa said, “But he has an unmatched ability of not understanding what you're saying. But he is friendly.”
Brave.” Toxica added.
Team Plasma!” Boreas said.
Yes, he is all that too. Noble and Team Pla- Hang on, no, I don't believe he is a member of Team Plasma, my dear fellow.”
No, not Black in Team Plasma, but just Team Plasma. Look over there!”
'tsounds to me like you've had quite too much to dri- Arceus' balls! You're right!”
Several Team Plasma grunts were walking through the twilighted town, looking around to see if no one was following them.
C'mon.” Boreas said, jumping to the ground. He fought a momentary battle with gravity over whether or not he would manage to remain standing, and won. “Let's follow them, they're going in the Gym's direction.”
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