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"You should teleport the Alpha Alliance soldiers at least to the forest edge, that way they can try to escape. I doubt they are in any condition to battle. I will remain with you Gold Tribe members, and hold them off, until we see an opening we can escape from."

Hanso nodded, already looking past the surrounding Ancients and at the forest's edge, stopping when he decided on a spot some hundreds of feet or so from the Ancients surrounding the Aggron and two Gold Tribe members. It would take a little longer and more energy than usual to teleport others, but Hanso felt confident that he could do it.

The Gallade had nearly fixed the image of the spot he'd chosen in his mind when the other two Sentinels, the Flareon and Mienshao, attacked. Given his condition, Hanso was not able to react before the Flareon's Flamethrower struck. He staggered back a few feet from the fire, then fell as his leg spasmed with pain. It might have been his fall that saved him; a Shadow Ball whizzed through the air where Hanso had been standing before. He pushed himself to his feet again, gritting his teeth.

Other sounds of combat drew his attention to the Mienshao, who was working his way towards the group of Gold Tribe members and the Dragonite. Hanso held his hands up in front of himself, forming a ball of light blue energy between them. It then flew up into the air, and Hanso turned his attention to the soldiers immediately at hand. His Future Sight attack should hit the Mienshao in a little while. Curse this limp, Hanso thought to himself, quickly moving closer to a few of the other prisoners that were still on the ground from the Screech and the Sentinels' attacks.

"Hold onto me!" Hanso growled to two soldiers, who obeyed, before he grabbed the arm of a third, a Prinplup, as he brought the image of the forest's edge to the forefront of his mind. This would probably hurt. The Gallade then Teleported the three soldiers and himself to the place he'd chosen. Hanso had done this seconds before Hazone cried, "We may not get another chance! To the forest!"

Hanso dropped to one knee, trying and failing to ignore his leg's pain and the depletion of energy. How any Pokemon could have been sick enough to order that torturehouses be built, he didn't know. Hanso pushed himself back up and teleported back to the front of the torturehouse, intent on bringing out another few prisoners.