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@Cutlerine - As usual thank you so much for the feedback. I've noticed that I've been putting words that mean something completely strange and shouldn't fit a lot lately. I think I've been just adding words that sound right in my mind and probably making up words. I apoligize very much for this and will definitely try and avoid this by rereading more than just twice.

"We took the honor of washing those things you call clothes" - I think this just differs from place to place. I've heard both phrases but have read and heard "honor" a lot more than "liberty" in my life.

For capitalizing pokemon names I've been changing it up and then going back a few times. To tell the truth I was really unsure if I should have them capitalized or not as I've read a lot of people complaining about it or liking it. I decided to go with capitalizing only if I am calling them by their names.

I am just really bad with apostrophes. :/ It is the most frustrating thing for both myself and the reader. All I can do is offer apologies and continue to get better.

As usual, I thank all my readers and reviewers. I have the next chapter complete and will release it tomorrow and the next one after that is nearly complete. It just has a few problems and kinks that make it hard to write.

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