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Quote originally posted by Ayutac:
Wandering garbarage is stupid? So is wandering dirt. We are just more used to the wandering dirt.

Just a note you guys, if there's a Pokemon you don't like the design of, or like the design of, then post about it in likes/dislikes (and yet by now most of these threads have turned into that discussion already).

Either way, I kinda agree with the thread creator. At first there was something about the designs of generation 5 Pokemon that didn't match up with what I remembered for past generations, which I can't quite put my finger on. While when I saw Shimama I thought "oh hey it looks like Girafarig...OH" (I am aware it is weird) and then that was the point where I saw the connection between generation 5 and past generation Pokemon. It's just past generations rehashed basically, imo.
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