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Replicus "Speculum" Decendas
Gold Tribe

Replicus skipped ahead, his nimble Grovyle feet guiding him. He charged straight at Berserker, just before a painful noise filled his ears, throwing him off balance. Replicus groaned, and fell down on his knees, grabbing his poor ears. Pain surged through his body, as Replicus tried his best to keep the noise out. Through blurry eyes, he could see a Flareon, possibly the Sentinel Ignitus, burning the grass between the prison and the forest, successfully cutting the route off. Replicus grit his teeth, getting frustrated by their current situation. He was definitely going to bring those stupid Sentinels down someday, no matter how rash he was being.

He saw the Flareon rush towards a Dragonite, whom Replicus identified as Hazone, the General of the Gold Tribe. The Flareon muttered something, and Replicus could see her set her eyes on him. His own eyes widened, as the Fire Pokemon unleashed a Flame Thrower in his direction. He managed to jump back at the last moment, attempting to dodge the move. The flames did managed to burn him a bit, but otherwise, he was uninjured. He got back on his feet, when he was suddenly attacked by more Shadow Balls.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Arceus" He thought, just before a few Shadow Balls smacked him on the chest. He flew back, and fell onto the ground. Luckily, the impact was softened by soft grass, and another prisoner who was lying on the ground. The Ditto knew he didn't have much time, but he managed to inspect his wounds a bit. His whole upper body was covered with dark bruises and burns, but he was going to have to tough it out if he wanted to survive this crazy escape.

He quickly got back on his feet, and transformed into an Excadrill. He dug deep into the earth, and started to work his way towards the front of the Torturehouse, where the others were trying to fight back. He popped out, just as soon as a Gallade transported in front of him.

"I know this will be difficult for you, but you must try. Can you teleport us all to some part of the forest, any part? This should throw the Ancients off, and then we can make our way to some hideout or base or something. I know I ask a lot, but you must try, noble Gold Tribe. We have no time!" The Dragonite said to him. Replicus had an idea, he was a Ditto, he could easily transform and help the Gallade in the rescue.

"Hey, I can help him with teleportation." Replicus said, panting. Unfortunately, both him and the other Gallade were severely injured. It would take quite a lot of energy to teleport... specially with injuries, and about 20 people to teleport. But they had to try, there was no other choice.

Replicus saw a few Ancients approach, and he quickly managed to bring them down, thrusting his drill into their chests. The Ancients screamed in pain, and fell down, as the Ditto swiftly transformed into a Gallade, copying the other Gold Tribe member. That's when he noticed the body of the Mienshao at his feet, who was called Scar by the Sentinels. Replicus could feel rage build up inside him, and he quickly threw a Leaf Blade on his unconscious body. Without seeing whether it hit or not, he turned towards the General and the Gallade, and asked, "Ready to get going?"