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Dear Anonymous

Gay is not an insult, nor a synonym for "stupid" or similar. Please refrain from using it in that way. You know plenty of gay people and have grown up with knowledge of homosexuality and openmindedness surrounding you. Why have you turned out this way? Why are you so different from me in terms of respect and understanding of others? I'm the one who actually had a problem with that sort of thing and damn well overcame it because it was not right. Why can you not do the same? You should have an easier time than I did!

Dear Anonymous

You have not been my best friend for many years now. The only thing we share is Doctor Who and grades 7-10. I try my best to forget the latter and you continually remind me of it. I am not that person any more. I hate the person I was. So just stop.

You even corrupt Doctor Who when I am around you, although the issue lies not with the show but with your unwillingness to look at things objectively and positively. You are one of the people that turn others away from the fandom, with your irrational loathings of things that are not your favourites and complete dismissal of opinions you do not agree with. Your negativity is disgusting and your disregard for others even more so.

Why do I still let you think you are my best friend? I don't know myself. Perhaps I want to try to show you that you can be better than this. I want to help you put aside your negativity and bring back the respect you had for people back when you were young. I rather think I look on you as a project. I don't want to see you fall to alcohol like your dad. He was strong and had support and brought himself out of it, but I honestly don't think you could do the same. And it's best to prevent such a thing in the first place, is it not? This is why I still let you think of us as best friends. I may be placing too much importance on myself, but from what I hear I'm the only good influence you have right now. And if I'm that, I can't just abandon you. Because we were once best friends for a reason. I looked up to you, the more intelligent and mature one of us. I liked you. I learned from you.

I wonder if you can learn from me.

You probably can't though. Because you still see me as that violent, reckless, insane seventh-grader. I doubt there's any way you can come to see me as a rather calmer and wiser adult.

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