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Sade Frost
Freedom's End

Sade looked up into the sky as she, Levin, and Inferno (who hadn't said a word since their departure) walked away from the town that was Liberty. Frost was satisfied with her work. The smoke was thick and healthy, a sign that the fires were alive and well and swallowing up the town. Honestly, the only thing that should be 'alive and well' to Sade Frost would be destruction. She absolutely adored it. She couldn't go two seconds without thinking it either. Her sick and twisted mind tried to generate a new and unique way to cause it. As she looked up at the smoke, she remembered what a ... fun time she had.

Flashback: What happened

Frost, Levin, and Inferno approached the town. Inferno broke up from the other two, since his power was equal to two of his kind, he would take the left side alone, and Frost and Levin would take the right. Of course, I could beat him if I tried, Frost thought, grinning as Inferno walked away. "Alrighty, lass, let's get this over with." Levin said as they approached their positions. Frost only giggled slightly at the remark. It was funny because she had 'lass' in her name, and coming from Levin, it was never an insult.

Smoke in the sky. Inferno had lit the first house, that was the signal to start. Levin and Frost approached the citizens of the town, who were fleeing. Some were standing up to fight, a Serperior, an Escavalier...Gold Tribe members, maybe. "Leave, or meet your grim fate, wrench!" The Escavalier shouted at Frost. This made Frost very unhappy. She launched an Ice Beam without warning at the bastard, knocking him down, frozen. "Who's next?" she teased, a grin on her face once more. The Serperior was apparently next. "You go, Gengar! I'll hold these losers off." Frost ordered. Gannon obliged, wrecking a building with Focus Blast and finishing off its inhabitants with Thunderbolt. The Serpeior lurched at Frost, a look in its eyes that said it knew it was outmatched. Just as Serperior was about to hit, Frost launched a great Ice Beam on its face, causing it to fly back. It was dead within seconds. Too easy. These couldn't have been Gold Tribe members. Alpha Alliance soldiers then, not nearly as good, or smart.

The other soldiers were discouraged, at best, but they attacked anyway. The Escvavalier got up from his Frozen status, clearly injured. Next, he came at Frost and started jabbing at her. She cast Protect in front of her, his jabbing was futile. When he was done, she launched an Ice Beam at him, he barely dodged, injuring one of his lances in the process. Next, he tried to use Bug Buzz from a distance. Frost had to take the hit, having no way to resist it since the attack was all over the field. Next, while Frost was seemingly distracted, the Escavalier used Megahorn, almost hitting Frost were it not for her quick dodge. Her next attack was a small Blizzard, not one over the whole field, being launched at the Escavalier, it hit, knocking him down to the ground. Frost floated over to the injured Escavalier. "Your doom awaits you." Frost said, smiling. She launched an Ice Beam and the snail was dead within seconds.

The other soldiers that attacked Frost met their untimely doom. Meanwhile, house after house, cottage after cottage, building after building, were destroyed. Their inhabitants murdered. Unfortunately, thousands escaped easily with the help of the Alpha Alliance and that pesky General Belas. There was one person Frost had expected to see, but didn't, however: Zane Tyrael, an old friend-turned-nemesis from Frost's days in the Gold Tribe. Indeed they'd had many battles, but all the while one survived. Frost had watched over Tyrael during his early days in the Gold Tribe, and they became fast friends. Unfortunately, after the rise of the Silver Tribe, they took opposing sides. Tyrael might have been killed, perhaps. Frost would be glad to be rid of him, but she'd wanted to see him one last time. Honestly, she wanted to kill him herself.

Flashback End

The damage was done. The inhabitants of the town and their pathetic Alpha Alliance had fled, and Liberty Town was destroyed. Another place worthy of 'ruin' in its name. Henceforth, this place was known as ...

Liberty Ruins
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