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Hey Mum,

Where to begin, its been a big day, I went on some of the rides at the Amusement Park in Nimbasa City and even had a ride with this strange guy called 'N' he announced that he was the king of Team Plasma! Anyway I went into the gym as well, its part of the amusement park, imagine that, I defeated Elsa and her shocking team and made it across to Driftveil City, unfortunately crossing the bridge caused some Team Plasma punks, they ran off into the Cold Storage, but I caught them and stopped them. I then challenged the gym leader Clay, I defeated him as well

I then made my way to Mistralton City helping out the leader Skyla in finding an injured Pokemon on top of Celestial Tower, I then beat Skyla and made my way into Twist Mountain. It was long and tiring but I made it through into Icirrus City where I'm now going to catch some shut eye
Love James xx

The Current Team:

Serperior lvl 38

Zebstrika lvl 45

Toxicroak lvl 38

Patrat lvl 18

Carracosta lvl 38

Ufezant lvl 32