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I have a plan for Michael's Gym battle and it's pretty solid... so consider it in the works. So far, it's one of the most non-typical battle scenes I've ever written. I'll also be expanding on the traits of Jerry's and Michael's pokemon, since both will be put to the test.

As for Jerry's Gym, it's a result of Hearthome's wealth, plus contributions from the League, and some of Jerry's own money. I like writing about nice Gyms, because they really stretch my creativity and give me a much needed break from describing how run-down everything is. Hehe.

The next chapter is 75% done, so I can't say much more in response without giving the interesting bits away. I've been somewhat unproductive during this holiday break, though I will definitely have it in by the end of next week. My New Year's gift to you all.

Thanks for reading!
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