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Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
Note: All sprites are resized to 192x192 and therefore, some sprites may not fit correctly. I'm afraid you will have to change that yourself.

Note: This pack's resources can be used for other goals, but it's optimized for Essentials. This pack isn't tested with Pokemon Essentials DS.

This pack contains:

-All 2596 static Black and White sprites
-All Black and White overworld sprites
-All Black and White cries
-All Black and White icons
-All Black and White music
-Updated pokemon.txt wiith 649 Pokemon
-Updated moves.txt to include Black and White moves (effects won't work)
-Updated tm.txt to include Black and White Pokemon
-Updated abilities.txt to include Black and White abilities (effects won't work)


If used, please give credit to:
FL .

Download here:
I have to compliment you on everything in this resource package, I will almost certainly use most of the sprites provided in this pack for my fangame.
If you have any B/W autotiles and tilesets that would be great.
Overall I thing that everyone who downloads and uses these resources will be thoroughly pleased.
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