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Originally Posted by Anti View Post
Your league was really active and seemed like fun when it was running. Once we have ComNight and clans underway, I definitely think we should do this. We would have to find someone with the time to do it, but we'll be alright I would think.
Yeah, I had that Milky Way League to 17 Gym Leaders, I remember... God, how many leagues did I make o.o ? iirc there was that Rainbow Creek, Milky Way, and Primary Battlers :o

I agree with you on starting a league after the Comm Night, as it seems like the Comm Night will give the CBC a well deserved spot in the lime light.
I'd love to help with unique league concepts and I could help with some things if you are in desperate need (say, sprites or stuff like that), it's just that my motivation is usually unreliable, I'm ashamed to say.
There should also be a WiFi league, so people who don't use PO are able to battle as well, or something.

Or maybe we could just revive a dead league with a little PC magic. I don't know if anyone remembers Milk's Four Seasons or Nurse Barbara's Battle Frontier, but they both looked stunning and amazing.

this is the first time I've stopped lurking and actually said something kinda half-productive