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1st of all to answer Nobololol's question, yes there will be other legendaries. I already know for a fact that celebie and mewtwo will be included because they fit in well with the story. Entei, raiku, and suicune also fit in and might be roamers. I also have been thinking of having a guy in a green suit in the department store take codes and give you legendary event items. These might include a fakemon and mew.

About the rival;

I don't want him to sound like a douche. He is just really impatient and hyper all the time. He explains to you that he just wanted to get away from everything to see his new pokemon he couldn't believe that he got.

I may have some parts in the story where he is a bit of a douche, but he is mainly your friend and helps you out.

By the way these are the sprites I need most

I have a decent start on the game, but I need trainer sprites. I am using the default trainers as placeholders for now, but want to replace them soon.

As I said art is not my specialty if u are any good contact me or post with one or more of the following. All who help will be credited and have a custom trainer in the game.

Trainers needed (overworld and in battle sprites)

Boy and girl teens. Any ideas welcome.

Roy; teenage boy with red hair.

1st gym leader:
Girl about 20, flying type

2nd gym leader:
Boy about 20, fire type, spikey hair or hood

3rd gym leader:
Boy about 25-30, miner outfit

4th gym leader:
Boy: 50-60, Indian chief with war paint

5th gym leader:
Girl: about 18, wearing a bikini, blue hair

6th gym leader:
Girl: about 18-20, tomboy, ground type

7th gym leader:
Girl or boy, either long white hair or light blue hair, any age, ice type

8th gym leader:
Boy: 30-40, black hair, dragon type

Boy, about 30, any ideas welcome

Elite 4:
Steel, electric, bug, and dark

Please let me know if ur interested
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