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Penance Malum

Penance thought he would have never seen Gladius cry. He also never thought that the Gold Tribe could have been defeated by their former allies, but it had also happened. It just proved how different everything was now. As Vigil called for a search Penance rose weakly to his knees. He walked slowly over to the rubble that he once called a temporary home and began to shift the rubble as slowly as he could. It wasn't that he was angry or wighed down with so much dissapointment, it was that he was afraid of what he would find. As he and the others continued to look for anyone that could have survived the massacre he heard Vigil call out.

It took a second for Pennace to notice everyone else heading to Vigil before he followed after them. "Belas sure outdid himself this time..." He heard the General murmur.

Blinkin his eyes in confusion Penance laid in his eyes on the note,
Gold Tribe, by the time you read this, the Silver Tribe will have already taken Liberty Town. I'm alright. Quite a bit of us managed to escape. Myself and the others who did escape decided on something. If you manage to free General Hazone and the other Gold Tribe members, and if you manage to return here, then it is time. I have sent scouts to all corners of the Alpha Alliance with a simple message: it is time. We have idly watched as our nation succumbed to the tyrannical rule of the Silver Tribe, but no more. With you Gold Tribe at our helm, we of the Alpha Alliance will gather up all of our soldiers in hiding, and regroup. This news will spread like wildfire. With more Gold Tribe members with you now, hope returns. Meet us in one weeks time at the ruins of Poseida Village. From there, we shall gather our full strength, and make our first counter attack. See you on the fields of battle.

General Belas

Penance felt hope swell. Some had actually managed to escape. As Vigil continued to talk Penance nodded his head. Yes, they could make it out to the ruins. They could form together. They could fight back! They would win! Penance was so lifted he couldn't help but chuckle as Sword and Shield let out a fierce roar. He patted his friend on his broad back, "Save it for the Silver Tribe. They'll be hearing it soon enough!"