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This is a bit late, as one of the tournaments I went to was held on the 17th, but was still a good day for me. I placed in 4th out of around 34 in the Masters division using Reshiphlosion. I don't remember all of the details, but I will try to remember what I can.

Round 1
vs. Zekrom/Pachirisu/Shaymin/Druddigon

Yeah, my opponent elected to use Druddigon rather than Tornadus and also ran an Unown (Dark) as well. Anyways, I remember the game starting in his favor, but he ran out of resources, allowing me to come back and win.

Round 2
vs. Reshiphlosion

We both started with a lone Cyndaquil, and my opponent went first. Both of us attacked with our Cyndaquils our first turns. On his second turn, he Collectors for Reshirams and Cyndaquil, evolves his active Cyndaquil into Quilava, and leaves my Cyndaquil with 20 HP. Fortunately, I had Rare Candy and Typhlosion in my opening hand, so I'm able to evolve into Typhlosion, used a Sage's Training to put a Fire Energy in my discard pile, used Afterburner and my normal attachment and KO'd his Quilava. I think the game went back and forth for a little while, but I ultimately won.

Round 3
vs. Reshiphlosion

I came to this tournament with a group of four others, and I played one of them in this round. Unfortunately for me, my opponent led early, and never looked back.

Round 4
vs. Chandelure

3 words to describe this game: this game stunk! Basically, my opponent got a Vileplume AND not one but TWO Chandelure and a Dodrio out by turn 3. After Vileplume came out, I drew nothing but Trainers! Talk about a horrible game!

Round 5
vs. Mew/Zoroark/Kyurem/?????

I honestly can't remember much about this game other than I managed to win somehow. His Kyurem were actually a nonfactor in this game, surprisingly.

I knew I needed to win this next game in order to even have a shot at the top 8, so I tried to focus on this next game.

Round 6
vs. Cincinno/Zoroark/Umbreon/Weavile

I don't remember much about this game other than it went into the three extra turns. We both had one prize left after the third turn (which was my opponent's), so we kept playing until the next prize was drawn. On my first turn after the three, I literally Junipered for the last six cards in my deck in order to Catcher up a benched Cleffa for the win. Talk about a close one! If my last Junk Arm was prized, I would have lost for sure!

They announce the standings, and I just barely made it in the top 8! (I literally came in 8th!) I find out that I'm playing the first seed, who happens to be a really good player and has won many tournaments in the past. I also found out that three of the four other people I was with also made it in!

Top 8, Game 1
vs. Reshiphlosion w/Ninetales

This game started of in a hilarious manner, as we both used Cleffa to keep on using Eeeeeeek for at least three turns each! Even funnier was that one of the other games going on next to us had the exact same thing going on as well! Anyways, other than that, I don't remember much other than that I lost this game, so we move on to Game 2.

Top 8, Game 2

I elect to go first (of course) and actually managed to set up fairly quickly. I'm able to take out Cyndaquils and Quilavas before they became Typhlosions and we move on to game 3.

Top 8, Game 3

This game was literally back and forth, but I'm able to take out his Typhlosions one by one, even after he had three out at once! This was a nail biter, but I managed to pull off a victory against a highly ranked player, and I move on to the top 4!
2-1 (Game), 5-2 overall

Two of the three other people I was with lost their games, so there were only two of us left. Unfortunately, I had to play the other person that made it, who I had lost to in the third round. The games I played in this match played out pretty much the same as they did in the third round, so I'll just say that I went 0-3 against my opponent/teammate. Ultimately they won the tournament, so I definitely would say it was a good day.

Again, I apologize for not going into great detail, but the tournament was almost two weeks ago!
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