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Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:

Try this...
#dynamic 0x800000  

#org @start 
cry 0x6 0x0 
msgbox @1 0x6 
wildbattle 0x6 0x1E 0x8B 
hidesprite lasttalked
fadescreen 0x0 
setflag 0x200 

#org @1 
= CHARIZARD: Raaarrgghh!
Also, just for safety of your hack, use the flags 1000 and above. 200 isn't really a safe flag to use, at least, in Ruby...

Some proof that it works...
For Ruby...

For FireRed...
Thanks, but I forgot to say that it's for Pokémon FireRed...
When I do it with the program PokéTronic it works, but than I don't know how I must set the flags.